Hello again, my DC darlings! It's your favorite gal behind the screen, Rosie Knight, back again and ready to dish as much as you wish to read about everything that's going on in our universe full of Definite Craziness. I've been running all over the place to get you rumors and secrets galore. So without further ado, here's the latest hot goss just for you!


It looks like Amanda Waller, no surprise, is pulling the strings behind the scenes once again as an international incident is unfolding in Gamorra. (What else is new? Really, for a country no one has heard of outside of our circle of faithful readers, they sure do like to stir things up.) This time, my feet on the street are telling me that the Wall is utilizing some unconventional means of travel to accomplish her questionable goals. I hear her band of misfit metas have the ability to travel en masse through the Dream Realm, crossing from place to place through the minds of poor unsuspecting suckers just trying to get in a bit of beauty sleep.

If you’re wondering how that is even a thing and whether it might be a more comfortable and cost-effective means of travel than flying, you’ll need to ask Task Force X’s newest member, Dreamer, who among her many superpowers, possesses the ability to hitch a ride on the somnambular superhighway. (Does that mean that she’s actually saving the world in her sleep? Way to make the rest of us look bad, Nal!)

I wish I could be there in person to get you more intriguing intel, but thankfully my finest crack team is on the beat, depicting the events in real time as they occur in Suicide Squad: Dream Team. It's not clear if Waller will manage to pull off yet another coup here, but whenever she's behind the screen, one thing is for sure: there will be a trail of broken bodies left in her wake. Good luck, Task Force X!


Speaking of unconventional means of travel, I've caught wind that the recently reunited Birds of Prey have been floating around town and asking lots of questions about time travel. While that's nothing new in this mixed up topsy turvy world of ours, my sources suggest that the method of this time travel is rather...colorful.

Look, I’m trying to make sense of my latest update on the subject, which was confusing at best, but a couple words from my informant stuck out to me: Green and Red. I’m going to assume he wasn’t talking about this year’s spring colors because yikes. But also, those of us who still have a Justice League Dark t-shirt or two from our college goth phase know that those festive hues are connected to a pair of almighty natural unifying forces. (Swamp Thing's representatives did not respond prior to publication.) Apparently, they have something to do with whatever time travel shenanigans the Birdies are currently dealing with?

It's all in Birds of Prey #7 if you want to take a gander yourself, but to be honest, I stopped paying attention shortly after receiving that information because none other than fashion icon Mari McCabe sent me a personal and quite lovely email to inform me of an upcoming...FASHION SHOW!!

I hear that Mari has a silent partner in this event helping to pull it off. Hopefully it’s a gorgeous and all-knowing face behind the screen who will help Mari clear her company's good name amidst the recent revelation that her popular brand has become the preferred clothing of burglars and crooks.

And no, I’m not worried that it’s Waller because have you seen how she dresses? The woman can admittedly rock a power suit like no one else, but it’s pretty much her only look. Would it kill her to go sleeveless every once in a while?


Speaking of fine threads, I hear that the impeccably dressed Daniel Captio has been working on something quite impressive in Gotham, that haute hotbed of crime lords and super-villains we know and love. Word is that it all has something to do with the city's foremost string-puller, none other than Batman. After a brief hiatus, the Bat is rumored to be back in town in Batman #145 and making his presence known by publicly taking down the persistent fashion criminal known as the Riddler.

This is, of course, nothing new for the Dark Knight. What is new, however, is that the macabre militant plastered his face across every screen in Gotham right before he did it, reintroducing himself to the public as he sported some retro chic attire. And what’s more, thanks to all of the kind tips that you sent in this week, I now understand that Batman is employing some new fingerly fashion in his war on crime as well. "String fingers" was the most common phrase used to describe his avant garde handwear, which certainly gives new meaning to his role as Gotham's goth puppet master.

Anyway, it’s getting late and I should probably get ready for bed…where we now know it's possible I may have a team of barely sane super-villains with literal bombs in their heads traipsing through my brain. So, if you don’t hear from me again, know that this was Rosie Knight signing off and reminding you to spread the word—as long as you tell me first!

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