‘Twas a few nights before Christmas
And inside Wayne Manor
Not a crime was reported
On the Bat-scanner…

See your favorite Bat-characters like never before in Merry Little Batman! Bruce Wayne is optimistic. Damian Wayne is a happy-go-lucky kid. And Alfred Pennyworth is chuffed to be there for both. Since becoming a father, Batman has completely cleaned up Gotham City and hung up his cowl for good. Now his days are spent with his son and the spry-as-ever Alfred.

Their troubles might not be completely out of sight—they are the Bat-Family, after all—but Bruce, Damian and Alfred have the home life they all deserve in this heartwarming holiday special that offers the jolliest take on the Caped Crusader since Adam West powed his last pow.

Young Damian Wayne is an eight-year-old who dreams of following in his father’s footsteps as a superhero. In a delightful change of pace for the typically brooding and stoic son of Batman, this Damian has lived with Bruce and Alfred since he was a precocious baby. He’s now a regular(ish) kid who plays pretend in his pajamas and chases the family cat, Selina, around the manor.

When Bruce gives Damian his very own utility belt for Christmas, it’s just the beginning of all sorts of misadventures for the hapless young Wayne. He’ll do whatever it takes to prove to his dad that he can be a superhero, from taking on burglars with Home Alone flair to eventually coming face-to-face with some of Gotham’s retired super-villains. Don’t worry too much about him, though. Damian’s got some surprising skills—he is the son of Batman, after all. But through it all, he stays very much a kid, making mistakes like all kids do and learning some valuable lessons along the way. The youngest viewers of Merry Little Batman will see a lot of themselves in this Damian Wayne.

Watching over Damian is the ever-vigilant Bruce. Don’t let the new beard fool you: the Dark Knight isn’t dark any longer. Becoming a dad inspired Batman to rid Gotham of all kinds of crime once and for all—it’s now voted the Safest Place on Earth. Even Arkham Asylum has been turned into a bright and sunny daycare. (Okay, that one is a little disconcerting to see.) Bruce has retired as Batman and is warm, approachable and chatty. He putters around the house wearing a flannel shirt and a big grin as he fusses over his son.

Merry Little Batman takes a moment to examine why Bruce Wayne would be a helicopter parent in a surprisingly insightful scene. It only makes sense that Bruce would do anything to give Damian something he didn’t have: a happy childhood, free of pain and the sadness he experienced as a boy. That means no crimefighting for him and no unnecessary risks for either of them. It’s an unexplored side of Bruce that will hit home for parents watching along with their kids who tend to be overprotective themselves (like, um, me).

Fortunately for both Bruce and Damian, Alfred is there to steer them both with a gentle hand. Almost nothing shakes Alfred’s serene smile, except for running out of marshmallows for his special hot cocoa. The venerable caretaker knows that the father and son will make it through tough times together, no matter what life, Gotham or the Joker throws at them. He’s just there to give them the perfect pep talk or a little push in the right direction. We should all be so lucky as to have an Alfred in our lives.

Merry Little Batman is the Wayne family at their happiest and wackiest. It’s a well-deserved rest for the World’s Greatest Detective turned World’s Greatest Dad. And it’s a fun romp for his whole family—and yours!

Merry Little Batman is now streaming on Prime Video.

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