Beast Boy has been a beloved DC character for quite some time. Whether you grew up reading Doom Patrol (1964-1968), The New Teen Titans (1980-1984), or Teen Titans (2003), Garfield Logan has charmed generations of fans with his shapeshifting abilities and green coloring. With Titans: Beast World now here, the time seems right to take a look back at the history of the young hero at its center—where he started and how Beast Boy got to where he is today.

Who is Beast Boy and What Are His Powers?

Beast Boy, also known as Garfield “Gar” Logan, is a member of the Titans superhero team, with the ability to turn into any animal. As you might have noticed, he has green skin and hair, and this coloring remains consistent regardless of the animal that he transforms into. Gar’s transformations are rapid and allow him to adapt to changing conditions during a fight.

Beast Boy first appeared in Doom Patrol #99 way back in 1965. In these initial appearances, he was a bit of a twerp who got on the nerves of Robotman especially. It was later revealed, however, that his bratty exterior was hiding a deep sadness from the loss of his parents. This made him a perfect fit for the Doom Patrol team, who themselves were a group of misfits.

Beast Boy originally gained his powers after he fell ill with a deadly sickness in Africa. His father, a brilliant scientist, performed a procedure on his son that temporarily transformed him into a species of green monkey that was immune to the disease. In this monkey form, Gar survived his illness, but permanently gained his green skin and hair, in addition to shapeshifting abilities. While in animal form, Gar retains the ability to speak English.

Wasn’t He Called “The Changeling” At Some Point?

Correct! During Marv Wolfman and George Pérez’s run on The New Teen Titans, Gar went by the name “The Changeling.” Gar was a part of a newly formed Teen Titans that included Dick Grayson’s Robin, Donna Troy’s Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Wally West’s Kid Flash.

In the team’s first appearance together in DC Comics Presents #26, Gar gets irritated when Robin repeatedly calls him Beast Boy. He says, “Beast Boy was nowhere! Changeling has got style! Rhythm! Pizzaz!” He must have had a change of heart, however, because he’s since returned to using the Beast Boy name.

What Kind of Animals Can Beast Boy Turn Into?

The sky is the limit! Gar can turn into all animals, even ones that are extinct or mythical. Beast Boy has turned into everything from a tiger, to a dinosaur (Titans: Burning Rage #6), to a fire-breathing dragon (Teen Titans #82). Recently, he’s threatened to change himself into a tapeworm in Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott’s Titans #3. The whole of the animal kingdom is his arsenal.

What’s more, Beast Boy isn’t only bound to animals from Earth. His time with the Titans has brought him to distant planets, where he’s discovered that he can also transform into alien species. His shapeshifting abilities are going to be pushed to their limits in Beast World.

What Has Beast Boy Been Up to Lately?

Beast Boy is a member of the Titans alongside Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, the Flash (Wally West) and Donna Troy. Last year, the Justice League ceased to exist after they all died (it’s okay, they’ve since come back to life). Since 2022’s Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Titans have taken over as DC’s premier superhero team. And it’s about time!

The Titans are currently based out of Blüdhaven, after the original Titans Tower was destroyed by Deathstroke in Dark Crisis. Gar also lost an eye, also because of Deathstroke, but thanks to his limited healing powers, he was able to grow it back. Additionally, Gar and Raven are officially a couple now, and they’re adorable. If you were a fan of Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo’s YA graphic novel, Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven, now is a great time to jump back into Titans comics.

Beast World? Is Everyone Turning into Beasts?

That’s right! In Tom Taylor and Ivan Reis’s upcoming event, Earth will plunge into chaos after humans start turning into animals. The full scope of the event will be covered in Titans: Beast World Tour one-shots, each based in different cities in the DC Universe.

What The Heck Is Beast Boy Transforming into in Titans: Beast World #1?

Beast Boy turns into a Starro in Titans: Beast World #1 in order to fight an alien known as the Necrostar. The Necrostar had previously been defeated by the people of Starfire’s homeworld, Tamaran, with a Starro. In his gutsiest move yet, Gar transforms himself into a Starro to fight the Necrostar head on. You can see what results by picking up the issue—which is now on stands worldwide!

Titans: Beast World #1 by Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis, Danny Miki and Brad Anderson is now available in print and as a digital comic book.

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