DC Preview – Titans: Beast World Tour Metropolis #1

Main Cover, TBWT_Metropolis

Beast Boy’s Infection Runs Wild Across the Cities of the DC Universe!

Dreamer Becomes A Target of Amanda Waller?

Jimmy Olsen “Goes Silver Age” With Bibbo Bibbowski!

Superman and Lois Lane Race to Hold off the “Garro” Spores!

Variant Cover, TBWT_Metropolis Hamner
Variant cover, TBWT_Metropolis Henry

Available at Participating Comic Book Shops and Participating E-Tailers Tuesday, December 5

In Titans: Beast World #1, Dr. Hate has caused Beast Boy to lose his mind! The spores that Gar Logan created as a Star Conqueror to defeat the Necrostar are now infecting the DC Super Heroes, and the citizens of most well-known cities in the DC Universe! DC has your first look at Titans: Beast World Tour Metropolis, one of several Titans: Beast World anthologies showing the effect of this infestation on the major locations across the DCU!

Available at participating comic book shops and digital retailers Tuesday, December 5, this 48-page one-shot includes three thrill-packed stories from comics’ most talented creators:

TBWT_Metro page Dreamer(1)
TBWT_Metro page Dreamer (2)

“Primal Pain,” Featuring Dreamer and Superman Jon Kent

Co-written by Nicole Maines and Steve Orlando, with art by Fico Ossio, Luis Guerrero and Rob Leigh, Dreamer, and Jon Kent team up to head off the infestation of Metropolis’ citizens by Beast Boy’s spores, and fight off an attack from Livewire, who has been turned into a superpowered electric eel. At the same time, Dreamer’s actions have caught the attention of Amanda Waller, who could have major plans for DC’s dreamwalking Super Hero.

TBWT_Metro Turtle(3)
TBWT_Metro Turtle(1)

Bibbo Bibbowski and Jimmy Olsen in “Turtle Boy”

Writer Dan Jurgens and artists Anthony Marques, Joe Prado and Wade Von Grawbadger spotlight Jimmy Olsen and Bibbo Bibbowski in a modern turn on a classic Silver Age moment. Jimmy Olsen, infected by the Beast Boy spores, transforms into a giant turtle, and wreaks havoc on Metropolis, and Bibbo and Professor Hamilton are the only two that stand a chance of stopping “Turtle Boy” from laying waste to their hometown.

TBWT_Metro Supes(1)
TBWT_Metro Supes(2)

Superman and Lois Lane in “Don’t Stop”

Writer Zipporah Smith (The Milestone Initiative) joins Superman writer Joshua Williamson and breakout artist Edwin Galmon in this tale of the Man of Steel and the Daily Planet’s Editor-In-Chief do their part to fend off the spore invasion of Metropolis. But lurking in the shadows is someone that has a keen interest in keeping Superman uninfected, for reasons that will play out in both Superman and Action Comics in 2024.

Titans: Beast World Tour Metropolis features a main cover by Mikel Janin (Batman, Superman and The Authority), with variant covers by Cully Hamner (Blue Beetle, Batman and The Signal) and Clayton Henry (Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent, Action Comics). Check out your local comic book shops for further details and pre-ordering.

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