Good morning, Metropolis!! Welcome to the DC Dish, the hottest gossip column this side of the Apokolips. It's your roving reporter Rosie Knight here to fill you in on all the unbelievable happenings documented in the recent Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #1. Thanks to the powerful writing of Brian Buccellato, the immense art of Christian Duce, the cool colors of Luis Guerrero, and the literal letters of Jimmy Betancourt, we have hitherto unforeseen details about one of the most shocking events in DC history. The Legendary Monsterverse has breached the DC Universe, and that means big trouble for our favorite heroes!

First though, we've got some gossip to catch up on as we're hearing that one of Metropolis' most eligible bachelors, award-winning reporter Clark Kent, is planning to propose to his lady love (and even more award-winning) partner, Lois Lane. Weren't those two sweeties already married? Maybe in another timeline, but we here at the DC Dish are wishing them all the best. Let's just hope that their romantic evening isn't interrupted by anything monstrous. *wink wink*

Moving on to more heroic matters, word around town is that Superman may be overextending himself. What could be causing these super-speed superheroics? Let’s hope he knows his limits and has held something back in reserve because…well…

IT’S MONKEY MADNESS IN METROPOLIS! Yes, dear readers, Titano is back. Remember him? Neither do we! The giant Kryptonite-shooting ape hasn't been seen since Jimmy Olsen disappointed Perry White while trying to snap photos of his showdown with the Big Blue Boy Scout. But that's neither here nor there as he's back now and causing problems all around town.

Speaking of problems, is Flash losing his superspeed? The Scarlet Speedster raced to the scene to defeat the prowling primate, but Titano was already down! Yes, it was that gleaming hunk of intergalactic muscle again. Despite the threat of Kryptonite, Superman solved the problem within mere moments and Titano was quickly dispatched to the controversial supermax prison on Stryker's Island.

And on the subject of prison, rumor has it that some former inmates showed up for a swanky soiree at Black Manta's chilly ice-bound hideout. In attendance were the usual suspects and...Giganta?!? Whatever's in the works with these crooks, sure seems like they have some big plans! And they're not the only ones as Metropolis' big bad Lex Luthor dropped in and revealed that it was he who released Titano on Metropolis! Shocking stuff!

The party carried on into the wee hours of the night, as the villainous crowd headed to none other than the Fortress of Solitude! We're guessing Superman didn't get an invite to this shindig. Now we've never been to the famed ice-palace (though my DMs are always open, Supes, if you prefer your solitude with some pretty-slash-witty company), but we've heard it's stacked with treasures galore from the Kryptonian's intergalactic adventures. Apparently, Lex has heard those same rumors because the buzz is that he was there to look for a famed Fourth World macguffin.

No surprise that DC's most famous party poopers, the Justice League, crashed the party and almost succeeded in shutting it down. What stopped them, you ask? Well, that would be the barely C-list villain Toyman who I'm hearing threw a doll-shaped spanner in the works, unintentionally damaging a Mother Box and creating a universe-warping portal. I'm sure that won't cause any immediate and potentially world-ending problems for Metropolis.

So, what happened? Well, my sweet readers, rumors abound, but I’m hearing that Lex and his crew of merry miscreants may have been sent on an unexpected vacation to an exotic locale filled with massive monsters. The name that keeps coming up is "Skull Island"—a bit on the nose—but considering these are people who refer to themselves as the “Legion of Doom,” we probably shouldn’t expect subtlety. Regardless, you’d think having the world’s worst stuck on a maybe multiversal plane would be good news for Metropolis, but unfortunately, it may be too soon to celebrate. In a DC Dish exclusive, I can tell you that before leaving the Fortress of Solitude, Toyman managed to get his sticky fingers on another magical artifact—that legendary wishing gem known as the Dreamstone.

So, what did the maniacal Toyman wish for? Word on the soon-to-be destroyed street is that he wished for new monstrous toys to play with, and that bodes badly for the Justice League and a certain Clark Kent's hope for a romantic proposal and long overdue vacation.

Say, is that an earthquake I’m feeling? Maybe I’d better get under my desk. Until next time, readers, this is Rosie Knight reminding you to spread the word…as long as you tell me first!

Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #1 by Brian Buccellato, Christian Duce and Luis Guerrero is now available in print and as a digital comic book.

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