Sad news for the Doom Patrol and their legion of fans, the wildest, weirdest and most fantastical DCTV series to ever hit the screen is coming to an end. Yes, when Doom Patrol returns for its final six episodes tomorrow, we'll be saying goodbye to the found family of ragtag heroes for the last time. It's been an unbelievable journey since the team debuted on DC Universe in 2019. Since then, they've traveled through time, become zombies, stopped the Butt-pocalypse and introduced viewers around the world to some of the most deep-cut DC stories of all time. As we move towards the end of the series, we're here to refresh your memory on where we left the team!

Immortus is the Big Bad and He Needs to Steal the Team's Longevity

In something that should come as no surprise, the horrors of this season and its big bad Immortus can be traced back to Niles Caulder. It was he who stole the ancient deity's Longevity Talisman and used it at the Bureau of Normalcy to create the Immortus Project. It was that series of experiments which led to our heroes Rita, Larry, Kay/Jane and Cliff becoming immortal. This season has seen the rise of Immortus, who wants to get the "Longevity" (read immortality) back from the Doom Patrol. When we left the team, the only member who still had his longevity was Cliff, but things aren't looking good for him as we head into the final eps.

Vic is Depowered and Stuck in Orqwith with Jane, Larry, Cliff and Deric

Why are things looking so somber for Cliff? Well, he headed into the pocket dimension known as Orqwith—first seen in Grant Morrison and Richard Case's groundbreaking Doom Patrol comics—with Jane in order to save their friend Larry and kick some Immortus-cult butt. But as episode six of the season, "Hope Patrol," came to an end, we saw that Cliff had unintentionally served himself up on a platter to the Cult of Immortus, giving them exactly what they needed.

He was far from alone though, as Larry was already there and had allowed Keeg to take his longevity and give it to Immortus in order for them to "stay together forever." Despite the fact that Vic was never given immortality, he and his brave childhood friend Deric had ventured into Orqwith to try and save Larry after Negative Man was thrown into the pocket dimension by Keeg.

It's been an interesting journey for Vic as he no longer has his Cyborg powers as of last season. Reconnecting with Deric was key though, as the childhood besties and their nerdy interests—including D&D and robotics—make them a great team to unpick the secrets of Orqwith. But despite all of their nerdiness, they still ended the season in a dangerous situation after coming face to face with the leader of the Cult of Immortus.

Jane is Middle-Aged and in Love with the Sisterhood of Dada's Shelley Byron

Before we get to that reveal though, let's talk about Jane. Season four saw Jane dealing with her trauma and trying to carve out a life that isn't defined by the horrors that Kaye suffered. A large part of that journey came from her burgeoning relationship with the Sisterhood of Dada's Shelley Byron. Growing close and even romantically attracted to the strange metahuman made Jane question everything she thought she knew about herself. It's been a highlight of the season as it's a very real representation of how it can feel to embark on a new relationship after suffering from trauma and abuse.

Sadly, we left the pair on dicey terms after Jane freaked out before she could truly commit to Shelley, but we don't think Shelley's going to give up that easily. Also, thanks to the Cult of Immortus, Jane has had her longevity stolen and is now a cool gray-haired middle-aged woman, and as we mentioned, is also stuck in Orqwith.

Wally Sage—the Creator of Flex Mentallo—is Behind the Cult of Immortus

This was the biggest reveal of the first half of the season. After Rita and Rouge teamed up to investigate what the Bureau of Normalcy could tell them about the Cult of Immortus, Rouge realized that she was complicit in everything that had happened as it was her who had classed Wally as a weapon back in her Bureau days. Interestingly, it seemed like the pair had unintentionally gotten rid of him after Rita freaked out and sucked him into her body, but as the episode came to an end, we saw that a younger version of Wally was the leader of the cult in Orgwith.

This makes a lot of sense as from what we saw, the magic of Orqwith relies on Wally's ability to bring his drawings to life, so we can assume he also may have created the pocket dimension. It's an interesting twist on the space that was originally introduced in Morrison and Case's groundbreaking Doom Patrol run. And of course, now Wally has everything that he needs to bring Immortus to life, which bodes poorly for our heroes.

The big question now, of course, is how all of this will end for our beloved team of weirdos. We'll have to tune in to Max this week to find out.

Doom Patrol returns with new episodes tomorrow only on Max.

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