Batman is best known as the protector of Gotham City, but his pursuit of justice has taken him across the world. Just how far is the Dark Knight’s reach, though? For a special report as we continue to celebrate Batman this month, we took a survey of every nation on Earth as listed by the Encyclopedia Britannica (and a few more besides) to discover if there’s ever been a Batman sighting there in the comics. If the answer’s yes, we’ll share at least one significant occasion with you where Batman has made his presence known. As his quest to make the world a better place continues, we know it’s only a matter of time before more pins go up on the map.

NOTE: We’re leaving out all the fictional countries that populate the DC Universe because that’s really a whole other topic on its own.

Afghanistan: No Batman sightings, but his cousin Batwoman did in 2020’s Batman: Gotham Nights #1.

Albania: No Batman sightings.

Algeria: Algiers is one of the Dynamic Duo’s many stops when they go “Around the World in 8 Days” in 1957’s Detective Comics #248.

American Samoa: No Batman sightings.

Andorra: No Batman sightings.

Antigua and Barbuda: No Batman sightings.

Argentina: Batman teams up with El Gaucho, the Batman of Argentina, in 2011’s Batman Incorporated #3-5.

Armenia: No Batman sightings.

Australia: Batman has visited Australia many times, with the Justice League, Batman Incorporated and on his own. One such occasion was in 2007’s Batman Annual #26, on the trail of two missing ecologists which would lead him to Ra’s al Ghul.

Austria: Batman follows the trail of supernatural serial killer Mister Whisper here in 1990’s Batman: Gothic.

Azerbaijan: No Batman sightings. But the Birds of Prey meet the Secret Six in Baku in 2007’s Birds of Prey #104-107.

The Bahamas: Considering retirement, an aging Batman of Earth-Two travels here in 1978’s Batman #300 to take down Spectrum, an international crime ring, for what he considered to possibly be his final case.

Bahrain: No Batman sightings.

Bangladesh: Batman catches up with Ghost-Maker in Dhaka to offer him leadership of Batman Incorporated in the Batman 2022 Annual.

Barbados: Batman enlists Jackson Hyde to help him break into the Fortress of Solitude here in 2022’s Batman: Fortress #5.

Belarus: No Batman sightings. Dick Grayson, however, works his end of a case in Minsk for 2014’s Detective Comics #36.

Belgium: Batman arrives in Brussels alongside the greatest heroes of two worlds to defend NATO headquarters from the combined forces of Brainiac and Lord Zedd in 2017’s Justice League/Power Rangers.

Belize: No Batman sightings, but a retired James Gordon follows the trail of the Joker here in 2017’s Joker series.

Benin: No Batman sightings.

Bhutan: No Batman sightings.

Bolivia: No Batman sightings.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: No Batman sightings.

Botswana: No Batman sightings. But Oracle dispatched Black Canary there in 2000’s Birds of Prey #22-25.

Brazil: Batman has been to Brazil many times, once in “The Idiot Root,” a four-part 1991 crossover between the Batman and Detective Comics titles on the trail of a killer known as the Queen of Hearts.

Brunei: No Batman sightings.

Bulgaria: No Batman sightings. But Batman villains Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc and ally Katana make it there as the Suicide Squad in 2017’s “Kill Your Darlings.”

Burkina Faso: No Batman sightings.

Burundi: Batman stops an illicit uranium mining operation here in 1976’s Batman #282.

Cabo Verde: No Batman sightings.

Cambodia: After deducing that he’s being held in Angkor Wat, Batman leads the Justice League on a mission to save Green Lantern in 1978’s Justice League of America #161.

Cameroon: No Batman sightings.

Canada: One of Batman and Robin’s first international adventures is a team up with the Canadian Mounties against a ring of poachers in 1944’s Batman #23.

Central African Republic: No Batman sightings.

Chad: No Batman sightings.

Chile: Batman, Wonder Woman and the Atom battle a tentacled spheroid alien creature here in 1966’s Justice League of America #45.

China: In 1949’s World’s Finest Comics #42, Batman and Robin travel back in time and team up with Marco Polo to prevent a time-altering war in 13th century China.

Colombia: No Batman sightings. Mercy Graves rendezvous with Bane there in 1999’s Detective Comics #735.

Comoros: No Batman sightings.

Republic of the Congo: Batman and the Justice League arrive here in 2012’s Justice League #12-13 to confront the Cheetah and her thrall, the mystically infected Superman.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Batman appears here to help David Zavimbe get situated as a representative of Batman Incorporated in 2011’s Batwing.

Costa Rica: Batman battles the super-powered criminal duo Null and Void here in 1984’s World’s Finest Comics #304.

Côte d’Ivoire: No Batman sightings.

Croatia: No Batman sightings.

Cuba: For his part in the 1988 Invasion! crossover event, Batman goes to Havana to shut down an alien munitions factory in Detective Comics #595.

Cyprus: Batman and Bane team up to destroy a Lazarus Pit here in 2002’s Batman: Gotham Knights #33.

Czech Republic: An infected Batman comes to Prague in search of an antidote just in time for the Masopost Festival in 2015’s Batman: Europa #2.

Denmark: No Batman sightings.

Djibouti: No Batman sightings.

Dominica: No Batman sightings.

Dominican Republic: No Batman sightings. But Robin and the Teen Titans take down some drug smugglers here in 1981’s Best of DC #18.

East Timor: No Batman sightings.

Ecuador: Batman covers crowd control in Quito as Superman battles the Rainbow Monster on Nochebuena in 2016’s DC Rebirth Holiday Special.

Egypt: In another early time travel adventure, Batman and Robin go back to the 1st century BC to save Cleopatra from assassins in 1950’s Detective Comics #167.

El Salvador: No Batman sightings.

Equatorial Guinea: No Batman sightings.

Eritrea: No Batman sightings.

Estonia: No Batman sightings.

Eswatini: No Batman sightings.

Ethiopia: Batman, Superman and Lex Luthor team up to provide aid and even raise money and awareness in the real world of the Ethiopian famine in the 1986 all-star charity benefit special Heroes Against Hunger. The next time Batman went to Ethiopa, he’d come back with a body.

Fiji: No Batman sightings.

Finland: No Batman sightings.

France: In 1945’s Batman #32, Batman and Robin take a trip through time to meet the Three Musketeers in 17th century Paris.

French Guyana: No Batman sightings.

Gabon: No Batman sightings.

The Gambia: No Batman sightings.

Georgia: No Batman sightings.

Germany: Batman uncovers the secret laboratory of Fledermaus Castle in 1970’s Batman #221.

Greece: Batman and Robin travel back in time once more and compete in the very first Olympic Games in 1946’s Batman #38.

Greenland: Believe it or not, this is the birthplace of the Justice League of America. In 1962’s Justice League of America #9, it’s revealed that the League convened here in full for the first time after Batman rescued Superman from an Appellaxian invader here.

Grenada: No Batman sightings.

Guatemala: Batman fights the Joker in the tropical jungle of Guatemala, joined by Jason Todd, who suits up as Robin for the first time in 1983’s Batman #366.

Guinea: No Batman sightings.

Guinea-Bissau: No Batman sightings.

Guyana: No Batman sightings.

Haiti: Batman pursues the Obeah Man, who has kidnapped Tim Drake’s parents, to his Haitian hideout in 1990’s Detective Comics #620. Batman fails to save Tim’s mother.

Honduras: Batman follows Bane to Tegucigalpa in 2019’s Batman Secret Files #2.

Hong Kong: Batman, the Batman of Japan and Julia Pennyworth all convene on Hong Kong to take down the same target, gang lord Shen Fang, in 2014’s Batman Eternal #9.

Hungary: The destination for Batman’s very first international adventure, in a climactic confrontation with the Mad Monk in 1939’s Detective Comics #32.

Iceland: Batman and Superman rediscover the lost city of Kandor here in 2015’s Batman/Superman #19.

India: In 1971’s Batman #232, Batman meets Ra’s al Ghul for the first time, follows him to Calcutta, and ascends Nanda Devi to rescue Robin and (unbeknownst to him) prove himself worthy as the Demon’s successor.

Indonesia: We find Slade Wilson enjoying retirement in Bali in 2016’s Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five #35, until Batman appears to hire him for the resistance against the tyrant Superman’s regime.

Iran: No Batman sightings, but the Joker spent some quality time there as Iran’s UN ambassador in 1988’s Batman: A Death in the Family. It’s true, guys.

Iraq: Batman travels through time to 10th century Baghdad for “Batman’s Arabian Nights” in 1948’s Batman #49.

Ireland: Batman finds he’s become the main character of an Irish ghost story in a tale from the House of Mystery in 1970’s The Brave and the Bold #93.

Israel: Batman and the Justice League confront the alien self-appointed god Titus on the outskirts of Jerusalem in 2008’s JLA Classified #53.

Italy: Really abusing the power of time travel at this point, Batman time travels in 1959’s Batman #125 to 17th century Venice to verify the authenticity of a painting.

Jamaica: Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson vacation here to get their minds off the ongoing “Death-Man” case in 1966’s Batman #180. This story would be adapted into the first chapters of Jiro Kuwata’s “Batmanga.”

Japan: Batman has visited Japan many times, most recently as accompanied by Superman in Superman vs. Meshi #4 to experience some fast Japanese cuisine.

Jordan: No Batman sightings.

Kazakhstan: No Batman sightings, but in 2014’s Secret Origins #3, we learn that Kate Kane underwent weapons training in Astana in her journey to become Batwoman.

Kenya: Batman has his first team-up with Paul Kirk—the Manhunter—in Nairobi, in 1974’s Detective Comics #443.

Kiribati: No Batman sightings.

North Korea: Here, as we first see in 1989’s Batman #431, Batman is trained in the martial arts by the legendary Master Kirigi—also trainer to the League of Assassins.

South Korea: In 2021’s Batman: The World, Batman dons a new set of tiger-striped armor to recover some proprietary WayneTech Korea memory imaging technology stolen by a local villain.

Kosovo: No Batman sightings.

Kuwait: No Batman sightings. Deathstroke stops over here while Batman is searching for him in 2018’s Deathstroke #32, but they meet up in Madrid.

Kyrgyzstan: No Batman sightings.

Laos: No Batman sightings.

Latvia: No Batman sightings.

Lebanon: In 1988’s Batman #427, Batman and Jason Todd confront Lady Shiva in Beirut on the possibility that she may be Jason’s birth mother. (She isn’t.)

Lesotho: No Batman sightings.

Liberia: No Batman sightings.

Libya: In 2000’s Detective Comics #750, Batman faces Ra’s al Ghul in the Libyan desert to destroy his stores of an elixir he plans to unleash on Gotham City.

Liechtenstein: No Batman sightings.

Lithuania: No Batman sightings.

Luxembourg: No Batman sightings.

Madagascar: No Batman sightings.

Malawi: No Batman sightings.

Malaysia: In 2011’s Batman Incorporated #6, Bruce Wayne is seen in Kuala Lumpur as the agents of Batman Inc. operate in tandem across the world, casting doubt on Leviathan’s intelligence that Wayne is Batman.

Maldives: No Batman sightings.

Mali: No Batman sightings. Batwoman battles the Scarecrow here, in the Sahara, in 2017’s Batwoman #7.

Malta: No Batman sightings.

Marshall Islands: No Batman sightings.

Mauritania: No Batman sightings.

Mauritius: No Batman sightings.

Mexico: Batman has made many trips to Mexico, including 1971’s The Brave and the Bold #97 where Batman defeats the crime boss El Grande and helps an amnesiac Wildcat regain his memory.

Federated States of Micronesia: No Batman sightings, but Power Girl owns an island there where Batman’s daughter Helena Wayne spends some time recuperating in 2013’s Worlds’ Finest #8.

Moldova: No Batman sightings.

Monaco: Batman, Robin and Batgirl rendezvous in Monte Carlo with Agents Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin to take down a T.H.R.U.S.H. operative enlisting Gotham super-villains in 2015’s Batman ‘66 Meets The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Mongolia: No Batman sightings. Batman sends the Outsiders there on a mission in 2008’s Batman and the Outsiders #6-8 while he stays behind in the Batcave.

Montenegro: No Batman sightings. Cassandra Cain meets up with the League of Assassins here and confirms that Lady Shiva is her mother in 2005’s Batgirl #67-73.

Morocco: Multiple cases have taken Batman to Morocco, the strangest of which took place in 1971’s The Brave and the Bold #95, wherein Batman tracks down the wealthy fiancee and attempted murderer of Kyle Morgan, a world explorer who was in actuality a disguised Plastic Man.

Mozambique: No Batman sightings.

Myanmar: Batman and the Flash trace a new influx of drugs to a supplier in Rangoon in 1976’s The Brave and the Bold #125.

Namibia: No Batman sightings.

Nauru: No Batman sightings.

Nepal: At the Demon Palace, stronghold for the League of Assassins, Batman confronts Talia to question her about her father’s assassination in 2022’s Batman #122.

The Netherlands: In 1973’s The Brave and the Bold #110, Batman and Wildcat travel to Holland to investigate an industrial espionage case over the ownership rights on a newly developed emission-free energy formula.

New Zealand: No Batman sightings.

Nicaragua: No Batman sightings, but Pamela Isley lived there in tranquility for a time until her tropical home was firebombed by Russian mercenaries in 1997’s Batman: Poison Ivy.

Niger: No Batman sightings.

Nigeria: No Batman sightings.

North Macedonia: No Batman sightings.

Norway: You guessed it, another time travel story. Batman and Robin go back to 10th century Norway in 1949’s Batman #52, where Batman inadvertently switches places with Lief Erikson.

Oman: No Batman sightings.

Pakistan: Batman tracks Ra’s al Ghul to a facility near the coast of Karachi in 2015’s Batman Eternal #46.

Palau: No Batman sightings.

Panama: No Batman sightings.

Papua New Guinea: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman arrive here on the terminus of their global search for Steve Trevor, abducted by the Warlord villain Deimos, in 2018’s Trinity #20.

Paraguay: No Batman sightings.

Peru: Batman traveled to Peru with Deadman to aid the liberation of an Incan community from mercenary rule in 1996’s “The Deadman Connection.”

The Philippines: Batman and the Justice League discover a downed alien artifact in Subic Bay that warps Superman across the universe in Superman: Lost #1.

Poland: In Batman: The World, Batman studies Warsaw to discover the secret of how such a large city maintains such a low crime rate.

Portugal: Batman, Aquaman and Green Lantern assault the terrorist organization Kobra’s Lisbon headquarters in 1978’s Aquaman #61.

Qatar: No Batman sightings.

Romania: Early in his training, Bruce Wayne encountered a lethal and apparently supernatural vigilante known as the Magician opposing the Romanian government in 1997’s Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #95.

Russia: Batman has been to Russia many times—but wouldn’t fight KGBeast there until 2018’s Batman #57. Batman did make his way to the Soviet Union to apprehend the Beast’s apprentice, NKVDemon, in 1990’s Batman #445-447.

Rwanda: No Batman sightings.

Saint Kitts and Nevis: No Batman sightings.

Saint Lucia: No Batman sightings.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: No Batman sightings.

Samoa: No Batman sightings.

San Marino: No Batman sightings.

Sao Tome and Principe: No Batman sightings.

Saudi Arabia: During his year away from Gotham after Infinite Crisis, we briefly revisit Bruce Wayne in 2006’s 52 #30, seeking the Cult of the Ten-Eyed Brothers to purge his inner darkness in the Rub' al Khali.

Senegal: No Batman sightings.

Serbia: No Batman sightings, but the site of another Kate Kane’s training regimen—this time, boxing—in 2012’s Batwoman #0.

Seychelles: No Batman sightings.

Sierra Leone: No Batman sightings.

Singapore: An international mission to take down the terrorist organization “Hydra” (no, not that one…probably) takes Batman through Singapore in 1964’s Batman #167.

Slovakia: No Batman sightings.

Slovenia: No Batman sightings.

Solomon Islands: No Batman sightings.

Somalia: No Batman sightings. Jason Todd eliminated the Steel Beam mercenary group here in 2010’s Red Hood: The Lost Days #4.

South Africa: The geography is a little spotty, but this is the presumed location of the Hatari Pub mercenary watering hole in 1984’s World’s Finest Comics #302, where Batman and Superman find themselves in the middle of a bar fight.

Spain: Batman has traveled to Spain on many occasions, but perhaps none more notable than 2009 one-shot Batman in Barcelona: Dragon’s Knight.

Sri Lanka: No Batman sightings.

Sudan: Batman stops Ra’s al Ghul here in 1996’s Detective Comics #700 from unleashing a plague that would wipe out 90% of Earth’s human population.

South Sudan: No Batman sightings.

Suriname: No Batman sightings, but Batman Inc. has it covered in 2023’s Batman Incorporated #4.

Sweden: In 1970’s Justice League of America #84, Batman, Superman, Hawkman, the Atom, Black Canary and the Flash are awarded with a special Nobel Prize for contributions to “the good of humanity” in Stockholm.

Switzerland: Batman, Robin and Ace the Bat-Hound stop Swiss Nazi loyalists from completing a dangerous explosive formula in 1962’s Batman #152.

Syria: Batman and the Justice League assist Kyle Rayner in rescuing his friend and Tunisian superhero Sala through a portal to another realm beneath the Syrian desert in 2001’s JLA: Gatekeeper #1.

Taiwan: No Batman sightings.

Tajikistan: No Batman sightings.

Tanzania: No Batman sightings.

Thailand: Published to raise awareness of child trafficking, Batman battles child abuse in Thailand in 1995’s special limited series Batman: The Ultimate Evil.

Togo: No Batman sightings.

Tonga: No Batman sightings.

Trinidad and Tobago: No Batman sightings.

Tunisia: No Batman sightings.

Turkey: Batman travels across Ankara, Sivas and Istanbul to uncover the mystery of the Court of Eagles in Batman: The World.

Turkmenistan: No Batman sightings.

Tuvalu: No Batman sightings.

Uganda: No Batman sightings, but Robin and the Titans were there in 1981’s New Teen Titans #14.

Ukraine: Batman follows up on a mission in Vinnytsya from Alfred’s past as a British spy in 2020’s Batman Annual #3.

United Arab Emirates: Bruce Wayne and Ghost-Maker travel to Abu Dhabi in 2022’s Batman: The Knight #9 for a lead on where to find Ra’s al Ghul.

United Kingdom: Batman and Robin are far from strangers to fighting crime in the UK, including one early incident in 1946’s Detective Comics #110 where they assist Scotland Yard in apprehending a modern day Professor Moriarty.

United States: This is where most Batman stories take place. Gotham City is in New Jersey, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Uruguay: No Batman sightings.

Uzbekistan: No Batman sightings.

Vanuatu: No Batman sightings.

Vatican City: No Batman sightings, but that didn’t stop Selina Kyle from robbing the place in 2004’s Catwoman: When in Rome.

Venezuela: Batman, Robin, and local hero Bushmaster team up here in 1977’s Super Friends #8.

Vietnam: Haunted by his experiences in the Vietnam War, veteran Philip Reardon turned super-villain Ten-Eyed Man hijacks a passenger plane to force Batman into a deadly hunt on his old battlegrounds in 1971’s Batman #231.

Western Sahara: No Batman sightings.

Yemen: Bruce and Damian Wayne make their debut as the new Dynamic Duo infiltrating a Leviathan stronghold here in 2010’s Batman: The Return.

Zambia: No Batman sightings.

Zimbabwe: No Batman sightings. (Come on, Bat-writers! It would be great to end this list with an appearance. Let’s make a Zimbabwe adventure happen!)

For a Gotham City hero, Batman sure gets around, and something tells me he’s not packed up his passport just yet. But one thing we know for sure, if you’re a criminal looking to cause harm or a despot determined to foster injustice, no country—no matter how big, small, populous or remote—escapes the watchful, heroic eye of the Dark Knight.

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