Welcome to the Couch Club, our recurring column devoted to all things #DCTV! This week, Joshua Lapin-Bertone goes on an Easter egg hunt with Harley Quinn.

Batman is a DJ and Nightwing is naked. Harley Quinn’s latest season has been wild, and we’re not even halfway through. As I sat down to watch the first four episodes of the season, I couldn’t help but make some observations. (I tend to do that a lot around here. Sometimes even with this very show.) It’s not always easy catching comic book references and Easter eggs when you’re laughing at things you never thought you’d be seeing in a DC animated show, but I thought I’d give it a try. After all, if Harley and Ivy are both embracing new challenges this year (while embracing each other…a lot…in all kinds of creative ways), I figured I could stand to do the same. From the kill count to the kiss count, here are all the crazy things we noticed in Harley Quinn season four…so far!

  • Everyone find your nearest fallout shelter because season four is dropping A LOT of f-bombs. The first four episodes have a whopping 43! Ivy had nineteen (being a new CEO is hard), Harley had eleven, Snowflame had two, Talia had two, Metallo had one, Nora had one, Devora Macklewaithe had one, Frank the Plant had one (which is pretty restrained for him), Tabitha had one, Joker had one, the rocket guy on the loudspeaker had one and Clayface had one. Scandalous!
  • Let the bodies hit the floor! There are 26 confirmed kills in season four so far! Let’s take a moment to mourn the fallen: Andy Samberg, Professor Pyg and his two victims, four HOA presidents who Talia beheaded, two Wayne Enterprises employees, Codpiece, Doll Man, a Vegas waiter, a Vegas valet, one Russian roulette player, a model crushed by Clayface’s car, nine Malcon attendees, and the Robinson park gardener. And those are just the CONFIRMED kills. We still don’t know how Mark Zuckerberg and the Vegas mermaid are doing.
  • Are you a Harlivy fan? Then you should check out my friend Alex Jaffe’s article, which compiles every time they’ve kissed! According to Alex, they’ve kissed 25 times throughout the first three seasons. The first four episodes of this season adds ten more kisses to that tally, bringing the series total to 35.
  • No, Snowflame was not an invention of the TV series. He’s an actual villain from the comics. Snowflame was introduced in 1988’s New Guardians #2. Harley Quinn pretty much nailed his deal—he’s a super-villain who gets powers from snorting cocaine. However, the show left out an important detail—you can get high by touching him. But why would anyone want to do that?
  • Take a look at the magazine blurbs Harley goes through before she meets Professor Pyg at the newsstand. One article is titled “Your goons like you, but do they respect you?” Considering what happened in the first three seasons, Harley could have used this article.
  • Nightwing’s butt takes the number two spot in a sexiest butt countdown. This begs the question, who was number one? Who in the DC Universe has a sexier butt than Nightwing? Ch’p?
  • By the way, the picture used in the article showcasing Nightwing’s assets is based off of an illustration from artist Nicola Scott (below).
  • Bruce Wayne is cheating on Alfred with another butler and it’s oddly heartbreaking. Still, the rivalry between Alvin and Alfred is one of the best things about the season. How many times have we seen someone go toe-to-toe with Alfred when it comes to wit?
  • Alvin casually mentions that Bruce Wayne is taking DJ lessons, which is a pretty big reveal to casually throw out there. First of all, is this something Blackgate does for all its prisoners? If the prison had a DJ class, wouldn’t every crook want to take it? Why isn’t the Gotham underworld crawling with DJs?
  • The “interrogation” scene with Harley and Ivy was fun. Batman never interrogates criminals this way—except for Catwoman. And Talia. And Nocturna.
  • If you look at Harley’s contact list, you’ll see she has a number for Red Hood. Jason Todd’s death has been mentioned in this series, but this is the first confirmation that he’s alive and operating as Red Hood. I wonder what he thought of Nightwing’s butt article.
  • I can’t believe I’m watching a DC animated series where Nightwing strips down for a sexy photoshoot, as Harley Quinn enthusiastically snaps polaroids of his butt. How did we get here? Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of this, but it’s still a surreal thing to see. Probably the oddest “let’s entrap a crook” plan the Bat-Family has ever had.
  • Nightwing tells Harley that heroes don’t blow kisses to villains. Again, I must point to Batman’s past encounters with Catwoman. And Talia. And Nocturna.
  • Take a look at Nora’s phone when Ivy asks her to fix the pasta maker. Nora is on a dating app, where she swipes right on Captain Cold and left on Firefly. Ivy interrupts her before she swipes Icicle, but let’s be real, Nora has a type.
  • Talia holds up a framed photo depicting her passionately kissing Batman. This is an homage to a classic panel from 1972’s Batman #244.
  • Alfred tells Harley “I wish a bitch would try,” which is probably the only time he’s said that in any form of DC Universe media. Maybe if Pennyworth had gotten another season, but alas.
  • Watch the background during the Las Vegas scenes, and you’ll notice the puppet Scarface hanging out with the villains. During some scenes he appears to be moving independently, with the Ventriloquist nowhere in sight. Uh…maybe it’s best to forget this one. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?
  • I will admit, shopping for teenagers can be hard, but Talia could have gotten Damian something better than a rattle. I hear he likes dead bodies.
  • Take a look at some of the booths at Malcon. One of them is “Adopt a crooked cop.”
  • Did you catch the panel schedule? There is a presentation called “Hiding farts at the office.” Now that’s evil.
  • Speaking of crooked cops, Cheryl is back! She accompanies Alfred to Malcon. Oh Cheryl, how we’ve missed you. The most underrated cop in the GCPD.
  • For a few laughs, hit the pause button while Joker is scrolling through his social media feed. Apparently, Ivy captions her social media posts the same way my grandfather does: “Baby’s first Malcon exclamation point send.” Another post reveals that Talia is selling the Batmobile.
  • The fourth episode features more naked Nightwing. I’ve seen more of Nightwing’s butt in Harley Quinn season four than I have in Dick Grayson’s previous 83 years of publishing history.

Whew, that was wild, and we’re only just getting started. Who knows what kind of madness the rest of the season will bring? Will Nightwing get naked again? Will Gotham’s underworld be overrun by DJs? I have no idea, but I do know that new episodes of Harley Quinn stream on Max every Thursday.

Harley Quinn’s fourth season is now streaming on Max. Catch new episodes every Thursday!

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