Where would you go on a trip to find yourself? For 21-year-old Yara Flor, it’s Brazil, although she doesn’t quite know what she’s looking for there. That’s okay, though, because everyone is about to find her. That includes a mermaid of legend, a handsome tour bus driver, Greek gods and goddesses, a pegasus named Jerry and some Amazons. And a few other Amazons. Is it any wonder Yara is looking for her place in the world?

If you’re a recent comic book reader, you’ve probably heard the name Yara Flor already. If you haven’t been fully acquainted with her, however, there’s never been an easier time. Let’s join Yara on what starts as a simple sightseeing vacation—then becomes something so much bigger—in the recently released Wonder Girl: Homecoming. This collection includes Yara’s first starring appearance in Future State: Wonder Woman #1-2, a short tale from Infinite Frontier #0 and Wonder Girl #1-7.

The Premise:

The earth-shattering events of Dark Nights: Death Metal gave us glimpses into all kinds of possible worlds and incredible heroes. In another time and place, Yara Flor is a battle-hardened warrior fighting to retrieve her sister from the grips of Hades. She’ll brawl with monsters, the undead and more to get to her, but at what cost?

And what happens when Yara appears in the DC Universe we know and love?

A lot, it turns out. Young Yara Flor is simply a young woman going on a sightseeing vacation in Brazil, but her journey quickly captures the attention of just about everyone in this world and the one beyond. After a legendary warrior and kindred spirit named Iara gives her magical golden boleadoras, the goddess Hera makes her move and sends Eros to capture Yara. And that’s just the start of the story.

Let’s Talk Talent:

Put a pencil in her hand and Joëlle Jones will make magic. Whether she’s the artist or the writer—or, as is often the case in Wonder Girl, both—when you see Jones’ name on a book, you know you’re in for a treat. As a writer for DC, Jones worked on a notable run of Catwoman along with the adventures of Yara Flor across several titles. As an artist, she’s illustrated books starring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, along with the phenomenal Supergirl: Being Super.

Jones pulled double-duty on most issues in this collection, with Adriana Melo and Leila del Duca beautifully taking on the art in Wonder Girl #5 and #6-7 respectively.

A Few Reasons to Read:

  • Future State: Wonder Woman is a compelling introduction to a possible future Yara Flor and her world. When we first meet Yara in the Amazon rainforest, she’s impatient, impulsive and practically unflappable. She carries the brash confidence of an experienced warrior on a mission. When she teams up with a protector of the forest named Caipora to travel to the underworld, you’ll immediately want even more adventures of these two frenemies.
  • Yara Flor is a powerhouse. No matter the Earth you meet her on, Yara makes an immediate impression. In Wonder Girl, she’s still as passionate and quick to anger as she was in Future State. She’s also prone to diving in without thinking when someone needs her help. She makes mistakes and she gets knocked down, but she keeps going. Yara is likeable and powerful from the get-go.

  • Mythologies collide in this story like never before. Brazilian folklore, Greek deities and Amazonians from all corners of the DC Universe are an unlikely combination that mesh well together in Wonder Girl: Homecoming. Yara herself comes from multiple cultures. Her mother was an Amazon originally from Themiscyra, her father was a Brazilian deity and Yara grew up with her aunt in Boise, Idaho. Her connections to these wide-ranging cultures are portrayed as one of her strengths and make the character even more compelling.
  • Jerry. Sure, you could say I’m being predictable. But how could I not include a cranky winged horse named Jerry on the list of reasons to pick up this book?!

Why It’s Worth Your Time:

She’s the Wonder Woman of one possible future, but in the here and now of the DC Universe, she’s Yara Flor—and that’s exactly who she needs to be. Yara is a breath of fresh air that invigorates the Amazons and their long comic book history. You’ll really get to know the new Wonder Girl—and Jerry—thanks to this comprehensive collection. Just don’t be surprised if Wonder Girl: Homecoming leaves you wanting more Yara in your life.

(If so, you’re in luck! Yara’s next major storyline, Trial of the Amazons, is also on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE.)

Wonder Girl: Homecoming is now available in bookstores, comic shops, libraries and digitally on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE.

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