Oh, what a year it’s been. As we continue our month-long countdown to the end of 2022, we’re taking stock of all the adventures we’ve taken together on this last orbit around the sun. This includes our favorite stories, our favorite moments and our favorite characters. But as opinionated as we are, we also love to hear about what you’ve celebrated the most. That’s why in the DC Community, we recently polled all of you to determine the standouts in some of the most important categories we could put together—from fashion, to horror, to romance. These are the winners you loved best in our community choice award categories for 2022.

Best Dressed: Tim Drake, Tim Drake: Robin

It’s true what they say: the classics are best. In a category studded with dazzling new outfits, the costume you celebrated most was a return to form for a Robin long at sea. Gone is the earless cowl of Batman Reborn, the feathered wings of the New 52, the stately browns of the Young Justice “Drake.” Back in full-fledged Robin regalia is clearly where Tim fans like him best, proving some costumes never go out of style.

Most Villainous: The Joker

Like there was ever any doubt. Batman’s ghoulishly grinning adversary is almost as old as the Dark Knight himself, but familiarity in this case has never meant comfort. Perhaps it’s because the Joker has built his whole identity off of the unexpected, keeping all of Gotham on edge and striking when least expected, stretching the minds of both its citizens and protectors to the brink until they snap, illustrating his belief that we’re all moments away from madness. Or maybe it’s because the Joker, like all the best comedians, knows how to reinvent himself with each new era. In 2022, we met a family man Joker with mayoral ambitions on Harley Quinn, a criminal disruptor who’s holding all the strings in The Joker and a damaged young Arkham inmate whose true destructive potential still lies ahead of him in The Batman. In short, let’s hope the Dark Knight stays sharp because the Joker’s not going anywhere.

Big Screen Favorite: Batman, The Batman

As one of the most well-known characters in all of fiction, suiting up for the role of Batman can be an intimidating feat. Everyone has their favorite, and least favorite, versions of the role since it originated over eighty years ago. But Robert Pattinson’s grungy, emotional Batman caked in mascara, listening to Nirvana on repeat as he slowly kills the boy inside him named Bruce was a take we’ve never quite seen realized in live action cinema before—one which draws its cues not from the Silver Age comics as Adam West, or The Dark Knight Returns as Ben Affleck, but from stories like The Long Halloween and Batman: Ego. Pattinson’s Batman is a more modern Batman than we’ve ever seen committed to screen before, and one which adds new dimension to what is already one of the most multifaceted characters ever depicted.

TV Favorite: Harley Quinn

No category was as competitive as this one, with both Peacemaker and The Sandman nearly running away with the win. But in what’s undoubtedly a heavy year, you chose the sharply satiric anarchy of HBO Max’s Harley Quinn. And for good reason, as this year offered its strongest season yet, with the series giving us the full-fledged, no innuendo hiding romance we’ve wanted to see between Harley and her gal Poison Ivy in full bloom. Season three gave us a glimpse of what happens after the happily ever after, fully exploring what a loving relationship between these two strong-minded sometimes villains would look like. All that, plus an of-the-moment subplot that shines a light on how far our political system has fallen and a joyful willingness to “go there” with Bruce Wayne’s abandonment issues cements this series’ place at the very top in adult animation.

Spookiest: Corinthian, The Sandman

I mean, this one was no contest. Dude’s got tiny mouths for eyes, which chew on other people’s eyeballs. How do you even compete with that? As a living nightmare crafted by the Lord of the Dreaming himself, a failure on the Corinthian’s part to take this category would simply mean he wasn’t doing his job. The scariest villains in the DC Universe can only cause fear—the Corinthian is a manifestation of fear itself. And in his sharp suits and classy shades, it doesn’t hurt that Boyd Holbrook makes fear look smart while he spreads it.

Cutest Couple: Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon, Nightwing

For years, saying you can’t pin Nightwing down could apply just as easily to his love life as it could to his capability as a superhero. The broken hearts he’d left in his wake long rivaled his list of broken cases. But among his past flames, none has loomed larger than Barbara Gordon (except for arguably Starfire, but let’s not go there—we’re here to celebrate young love, not start a shipping war). Babs’ history with Dick goes back to when they were children. A close friendship bloomed into more …until it suddenly ended. In the years since, fans kept their hopes up that this pair of crimefighting cuties would reconcile, but it wasn’t until Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo took the reins of Nightwing that the still-flirty partners sealed things with a kiss. How long will it last this time? Look, if being high-flying crimefighters in Gotham has taught these two anything, it’s likely to live in a moment. And also, hold tight.

Most Anticipated Movie: Shazam! Fury of the Gods

The cinematic DC Universe keeps getting bigger, with infinite possibilities stretched before us. But of all the DC movies coming next year, or at least, the three in the poll, the one you most want to see is Shazam! Fury of the Gods. An excellent choice. With all the comedy and heart of the original, it’s no wonder that we’re excited to see where Billy Batson and the extended Vasquez foster family goes next. Plus, it’s been way too long since we’ve seen Darla on screen. Who doesn’t love Darla?

That’s a wrap on what you liked most! But what has everyone been reading this year? Keep your browser locked on DC.com for a future rundown of 2022’s most popular comics on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE!