For the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, there’s one thing above all else that you have to get right. No, not the turkey. Nope, not even the desserts. It’s the guest list! The who’s who at your house for the holiday can be the deciding factor between a cozy meal together or the multiverse’s most awkward silence. Who’s on the super guest list to cook up the holiday dinner of your dreams?

Of course, you can’t actually invite Superman and Batman to your house. But pose this question to the entire table during the meal, and you’ll be host to one lively conversation topic! So, in that spirit, consider this list my humble contribution to your Turkey Day celebration. (It was either this or my green bean casserole and trust me, this is the FAR better choice.)

Beast Boy, Teen Titans GO!

Wild entertainment and yummy food all wrapped up in one guest? It’s Beast Boy, and he’ll arrive bearing burritos! He’ll be the first to tell you that veggie burritos are awesome and good to eat. And by tell you, we mean he’ll sing you a song all about it. Even the other Titans admit that spicy beans and veggies nestled in a warm tortilla are simply delicious. Just seat Beasty next to other guests who will appreciate his boundless enthusiasm. Like…

Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

No way your gathering will be boring when Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn walks in the door. She’s a colorful explosion of chaos and spontaneity. She’s also an unexpectedly egg-cellent houseguest. Invite Harley Quinn and she’ll bring along her one true love: the perfect egg sandwich! (What did you think it was?) Egg. Bacon. American cheese. Soft, toasted, buttered roll. Just a dash of hot sauce, not too much! What a way to start the holidays.

Forget the turkey. Bring on that breakfastey goodness.

Green Arrow, Green Arrow Secret Files and Origins

Oliver Queen is a formidable vigilante, resilient hero and all-around great guy to have seated at your Thanksgiving table. No one can regale the other guests with tales of adventure like the Green Arrow. And, even better, he’ll bring along Ollie's Stupendous Chili—a main dish for only the brave and the bold.

The Emerald Archer’s one-of-a-kind recipe for chili “just like mom used to make” is so spicy that not even the Green Lantern has the willpower to eat more than one bite. Find the complete recipe in Green Arrow Secret Files and Origins #1, now available on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE. And tell us how it goes!

Superman, Justice League

If you’re going to ask Ollie to bring his chili, you better text Clark Kent to bring along some farm-fresh milk straight from Smallville to cool off everyone’s flaming tongues! And be sure to steal some to mix into your world-famous mashed potatoes. Superman is definitely the kind of guy who will help you in the kitchen and do the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner. There’s simply no better person to invite over for the holidays. Or any day, really.

And, if you’re super lucky, Clark Kent will return the favor and invite you to the farm for Christmas. Swap stories about Superman’s younger days while sipping on hot cocoa prepared by Pa and Ma Kent themselves.

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman

No one appreciates the small things in life like Wonder Woman, portrayed by Gal Gadot. The little things we all take for granted light up Wonder Woman’s eyes with delight. Whether it’s an adorable baby, a couple holding hands or each tiny snowflake falling from the sky, Diana of Themiscyra is grateful for all of it. Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about?

Wonder Woman is also a big fan of fresh, delicious ice cream. Ask her to bring some along to your house for the crowning achievement of a dessert table you should be proud of.

Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth, The Dark Knight Trilogy

We admit it. This is a strange assortment of food. There’s only one hero in the DC Universe who can transform this mishmash into a coherent Thanksgiving dinner: Alfred Pennyworth! Invite Bruce Wayne to Thanksgiving and he’ll begrudgingly arrive with Alfred at his side. The Dark Knight trilogy’s Alfred, played by Michael Caine, is not only highly skillful in the kitchen and practically unflappable, but he’s also an expert at keeping guests happy. (He does have that joke he knows.)

Here in the real world, you’re the superhero of Thanksgiving, saving your friends and family from having a boring holiday. Once the table is cleared and the dishes are washed, put on a movie starring a guest from this list to finish the holiday strong.

Teen Titans GO!, Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), Justice League, Wonder Woman and the Dark Knight trilogy are all streaming on HBO Max.

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