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Battle of the Super Sons Is the Perfect Pre-Teen Superhero Movie

Battle of the Super Sons Is the Perfect Pre-Teen Superhero...

By Kelly Knox Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

Jon Kent and Damian Wayne show that you don’t have to be old enough to drive to save the world.

Of all of Superman’s names, perhaps none fit him as well as “Dad.” In Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons, DC’s newest animated film, we find Clark Kent and Lois Lane balancing their jobs with parenting their son Jonathan. When Jon finds out his father is Superman and that he might have powers of his own, the young half-Kryptonian is over the moon. But the son of Superman is going to find out quickly what it means to be a hero after he meets Batman and his son, Damian.

Battle of the Super Sons is packed with engaging comic book energy and a few heart-pounding sequences. It’s a fun movie for DC fans in general, but particularly ones who are around Jon and Damian’s age. Here are a few reasons why.

It’s a pretty solid introduction to Superman.

Maybe it’s your kids’ first “grown-up” DC Universe movie or they haven’t read Superman’s origin story since their picture book days. No matter their first introduction to the Man of Steel, Battle of the Super Sons is an attention-grabbing retelling of how he came to Earth. The action begins with the classic origin of Kal-El. An exploding Krypton, Jor-El and Lara and the spaceship are all part of the well-known tale. (The green-hued magma and planet crust is a great touch.)

Add to that a sinister little twist that explains the predicament our heroes are about to get into, and you have an iconic origin story that’s just the right amount of dark.

Gotham City at night sets the tone.

When Jon Kent suddenly unleashes heat vision for the first time, Superman knows just the friend to turn to for more information about his son’s burgeoning powers. Superman and Jon fly to Gotham City—after dark, of course. Its stark contrast to Metropolis has never been as obvious than in Battle of the Super Sons. It doesn’t get spookier than Gotham at night. Its darkened skyline looms in the starless night as the World’s Greatest Detective dashes across the rooftops.

Every night feels like Halloween in Batman’s hometown, with costumed good guys, outlandish bad guys and far more tricks than treats. Combined with Damian’s surly disposition and the horrible first impression he makes, Jon’s visit to Gotham is just the first of many challenges to come.

Heroes turned into villains! Yikes!

When Starro makes his move, it’s smack dab in the middle of our favorite heroes’ faces! We recently saw the massive alien presence brought to life in live action in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, but that was an R-rated ultraviolent movie that’s probably not appropriate for younger super-fans. If that’s the case in your household, then Battle of the Super Sons offers a deliciously creepy introduction. From the sounds of a Starro spore skittering across the floor to the eerie calm exhibited by people who are possessed by the hive mind, Battle of the Super Sons shows exactly why the Star Conqueror has been freaking out DC fans for over sixty years.

The Justice League and the Teen Titans are quickly overcome by the Starro spores. The Super Sons realize that they can only rely on each other to take on the atrocious alien. Is there anything scarier than a world in which both your most beloved superheroes and your own parents are the baddies?

No one is as tenacious as a mom on a mission—except a mom possessed by an alien and on a mission.

Sorry, Superman, but not even the Man of Steel is as indomitable as a mom. Especially when she’s in Starro zombie mode.

If you thought Lois was persistent as a reporter, wait until you see her as a mom! Battle of the Super Sons is Lois Lane at her best. In just one film, Lois goes from supportive mom, to snarling Starro minion, to doing her part in saving the world. And thanks to Laura Bailey’s impeccable performance, she does it all with grace.

But we have to say, Starro-Lois with bared teeth and a relentless ferocity is a sight to behold! We can only imagine what Jon must think.

Starro transformations are a good reminder to be careful this cold/flu/covid season.

Covid may not be the juggernaut that it once was, but it’s definitely not gone and we’re heading into cold and flu season to boot. Battle of the Super Sons’ Starro transformations may just help convince your kids on the importance of washing their hands, masking where appropriate and keeping their distance from people who seem sick. As a Starro spore bursts out of its host’s mouth, their body contorts and their eyes loll back in their head. And then the starfish-like parasite attaches itself to the center of their face. It’s nightmare fuel and good reminder that there are things in the air right now that you definitely don’t want to catch. (Fortunately, none of them seem to involve being controlled by an alien monster—but you never know!)

The Super Sons don’t back down. No matter the monstrosities they face, Damian and Jon give everything they’ve got into saving their parents and the entire world. At its heart, Battle of the Super Sons is the story of two boys finding out what it means to be true heroes. That makes it a pre-teen superhero movie that even all of us post-teens can appreciate.

Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital. For more on the film, and to watch the latest trailers and clips, visit our official movie page.

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