Television has a long history of introducing new heroes and villains that would live on in the pages of DC comics going all the way back to Adam West’s Batman. Over the years, these characters have ranged from the obscure (Condiment King) to the iconic (hello, Harley Quinn!), but there’s just no denying that occasionally, a DCTV character is introduced who just seems to belong on the page. Someone who just feels destined to take their place within the living, breathing tapestry of the greater DC Universe.

Someone like Dreamer.

The CW’s Supergirl had no shortage of groundbreaking characters introduced over its six-season run, from the ass-kicking agent that was Chyler Leigh’s Sentinel to the reimagined Guardian mantle passed down from older brother James Olsen to younger sister Kelly. But none was more important than Nicole Maines’ Dreamer. A new hero spun off from an established Legion of Super-Heroes character, Maines’ Nia Nal is an extraterrestrial from the planet Naltor who has the ability to dream and interpret visions of the future and channel powerful dream energy. But more significant than any of that, she’s also TV’s first trans superhero.

Since Dreamer’s introduction, trans rights have been under attack throughout the country, with many states rolling out discriminatory and harmful laws targeting transgender individuals. There’s little question that a trans superhero is not only necessary right now, but deserves to stand side-by-side with the greatest superheroes of the DCU—and you don’t get much greater than Superman. In next week’s Superman: Son of Kal-El #13, written by Maines along with regular Son of Kal-El writer Tom Taylor and featuring art by Clayton Henry, Dreamer has an ominous premonition about the future of Earth’s superheroes and seeks out none other than the new Man of Steel. But will these two new allies—alongside recently exposed reporter Jay Nakamura—be able to stop what lies ahead? Especially when it involves none other than the combined power and influence of Henry Bendix and Lex Luthor?

That’s a pretty tall order, but if there’s one thing these three young heroes aren’t going to let stand in their way, it’s a pair of old capitalists who have literally weaponized trampling on human rights. Enjoy an early glimpse of this powerful new partnership in this first look at Dreamer’s DCU debut!

Superman: Son of Kal-El #13 by Nicole Maines, Tom Taylor, Clayton Henry, Marcelo Maiolo and Matt Herms is available Tuesday, July 12 in print and as a digital comic book.