DC Pride 2022 Expands to a Fourth Cover!

DC adds an additional Jen Bartel variant cover to DC Pride 2022’s print run,
extends preorder window to Sunday May 8th

DC releases teasers featuring Alysia Yeoh in “Up at Bat,” Jon Kent in “Super Pride,”
“Finding Batman” by Kevin Conroy, J. Bone and Aditya Bidikar, and more

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New: DC Pride 2022 open-to-order card stock variant cover by Jen Bartel

Due to popular demand, DC will expand their offering for DC Pride 2022! Announced today, a new open-to-order card stock variant cover by Jen Bartel has been added to the DC Pride 2022 print run. The new Jen Bartel cover will feature a minimal trade dress version of Bartel’s highly collectible DC Pride 2022 foil variant cover featuring Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. These stunning covers are in addition to a main cover by Phil Jimenez and Arif Prianto and an open-to-order wraparound variant cover by Joshua “Sway” Swaby. Local comic shops will continue taking DC Pride 2022 preorders until Sunday May 8 and all copies of the 104-page Prestige format comic will now publish in print and on digital platforms on Tuesday June 7.

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DC Pride 2022 main cover by Phil Jimenez and Arif Prianto; DC Pride 2022 1:25 retail incentive foil variant cover by Jen Bartel

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DC Pride 2022 wraparound variant cover by Joshua "Sway" Swaby

With over 100 pages of original stories and content, DC Pride 2022 celebrates the strength and courage it takes to be a DC Super Hero. For an early look inside the issue and the table of contents, plus a few lines from Nicole Maines’ introduction, click here. Then scroll down for a few additional teasers ahead of DC Pride 2022 hitting shelves this June!

"Super Pride" by Devin Grayson, Nick Robles, Triona Farrell and Aditya Bidikar:
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"The Gumshoe in Green" by Tini Howard, Evan Cagle and Lucas Gattoni:
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"Confessions" by Stephanie Williams, Meghan Hetrick, Marissa Louise and Ariana Maher:

"Up at Bat" by Jadzia Axelrod, Lynne Yoshii, Tamra Bonvillain and Ariana Maher:
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"A World Kept Just for Me" by Alyssa Wong, W. Scott Forbes and Ariana Maher:
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"Finding Batman" by Kevin Conroy, J.Bone and Aditya Bidikar:
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For more information about DC Pride 2022, the DC Multiverse and more, visit the DC website at www.dccomics.com and follow DC on social media at @DCComics. Sign up for a free trial of DC UNIVERSE INFINITE at www.dcuniverseinfinite.com.

Stay tuned for more Pride announcements from DC between now and June!