The Human Target Deals With a Jealous Guy Gardner While Solving the Mystery of His Impending Death!

The Human Target Deals With a Jealous Guy Gardner While...

By DC Publicity Thursday, February 24th, 2022

A Deepening Mystery and a Jealous Guy Gardner Make Discovering the Identity of His Killer Even Tougher for The Human Target!

(The Human Target Book Six Main Cover by Greg Smallwood)

Available in Comic Book Shops and Participating Digital Retailers Tuesday, March 22

Christopher Chance is one step closer to solving his own murder, suspect included (see issue #5), but also that much closer to his own grave. With just six days (issues) left, will the Human Target find the truth through this web of lies? And as his relationship with Ice continues to grow, a jealous Green Lantern Guy Gardner will make things even tougher.  Here’s your first look at incredible art from Book Six of the DC Black Label series, The Human Target!

Book Six of this 12-issue DC Black Label series (17+) is written by Tom King with art by Greg Smallwood, who also provides the main cover. Artist and Tom King collaborator Jorge Fornés (Rorschach, Danger Street) provides a swinging 60’s style variant cover (check your local comics shop for pre ordering details). The Human Target Book Six arrives in comic book stores and on participating digital platforms on Tuesday, March 22.

The Human Target Vol. 1 Available at Participating Bookstores Tuesday, September 13, Issue #7 in Stores September 20

If you’ve missed any issues of this incredible noir tale, the first six issues of this series will be collected in hardcover format and available at participating comic book stores, book stores and participating digital platforms on Tuesday, September 13. The series resumes in periodical form with issue #7, on sale September 20.  

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