The ocean is a big place. Why should it only have one superhero?

Let’s face it, heroism is a hard business and there’s no reason any costumed crimefighter should have to do it alone—even if they do happen to be a part of the Justice League. Aquamen, an unprecedented new aquatic action series spinning out of the just-wrapped Aquaman: The Becoming and Black Manta doubles up on the book’s protagonists, giving equal time to both the original Aquaman, Arthur Curry, and the newest, Jackson Hyde. Written by both Chuck Brown and Brandon Thomas and illustrated by Sami Basri, Aquamen firmly builds out the legacy and world of its titular hero, ensuring that the planet will always have an Aquaman at a time when the need for the environmentally minded hero has never been greater.

But will the world understand and appreciate that? That’s the question that has to be asked when a Middle America terrorist is revealed to be an Atlantean sleeper agent. Suddenly, Atlantis and the surface world are once again at odds with the Aquamen stuck in the middle. And when the truth about the terrorist is revealed to run much deeper than initially feared, the shock may be enough to destroy everything Arthur has worked for…including his new partnership with Jackson.

Aquamen brings a broader focus to the world of Atlantis than ever before while finally giving the relationship between Arthur’s established hero and his protégé Jackson to develop. It’s a thrilling new addition to the DC Universe that’s guaranteed to heat things up—no matter how cold the weather might be right now. But don’t take our word for it, enjoy this first look at the splashy debut issue!

Aquamen #1 by Chuck Brown, Brandon Thomas, Sami Basri and Adriano Lucas is available Tuesday, February 22 in print and as a digital comic book.