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James Gunn Introduces the Official Peacemaker Playlist

James Gunn Introduces the Official Peacemaker Playlist

By Tim Beedle Monday, January 10th, 2022

I’ve got one question for you, DC fans. It’s an important one. Here goes…


Okay, if that heated chorus doesn’t immediately leap to your mind when you think of Peacemaker, the upcoming HBO Max series from James Gunn and starring John Cena, then you clearly haven’t watched the trailer nearly enough. But don’t worry, you can now rock out like the big guy (either in your tighty-whities or not) each and every week!

This morning, Gunn took to Twitter to announce the official Peacemaker playlist, a collection of songs featured in the series that will update with each new episode. The inaugural list is a loud, crass and undeniably cool blend of glam rock and hair metal that’s perfect for cranking up in your Trans Am as you race off to save the world from evildoers (or maybe just commute to work).

“This is perhaps my favorite soundtrack ever—combining little-known glam metal classics from the past with modern sleaze rock masterpieces from the present,” shares Gunn. “I’ve wanted to do a pure rock and roll soundtrack for a long time and finally I have my chance with all the songs people are going to come to love, whether they’re embarrassed to admit it or not.”

While a lot of the songs featured in the series and in the playlist are classics, there’s one brand new one—a wild hard rock version of Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” care of John Murphy and Ralph Saenz. It’s a must-listen, but really, so is the entire collection, which you can stream and subscribe to right now on Spotify.

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