Aquaman and Mera are back in the most wonderfully weird way! Throw any expectations you have about Aquaman into the ocean because you’ll never guess what your eyeballs are about to see next in Aquaman: King of Atlantis. The three-episode animated series, which wraps up today with its climactic final chapter, is an action-packed frenzy of butt-kicking, bright colors and bubbles. Even if weird or purposefully silly isn’t usually your thing, we still suggest diving headfirst into Aquaman: King of Atlantis. It’s absolutely see-worthy.

Following the events of James Wan’s Aquaman, chapter one of King of Atlantis begins with Aquaman’s first day on the job as ruler. He’s got his girlfriend Mera and advisor Vulko at his side, but things don’t get off to a great start. The awkward Atlanteans aren’t quite sure what to make of their outsider king. Never one for ritual and tradition, Aquaman leaps at the chance to run (swim?) away from his boring duties to investigate an outpost that hasn’t been heard from in years. Mera offers to join him and a new undersea adventure gets underway.

The unusual cast of King of Atlantis doesn’t look like any animated Aquaman and friends that you’ve seen before. The king’s new kelp-colored hair and shiny pants are super showstoppers. (Oh, wait, he’s always had the shiny pants. They’re still quite the sight to see, though.) Mera’s facial expressions are bombastic and elastic—seriously, her unibrow scowls are a thing of beauty. The denizens of Atlantis are equally vibrant and odd, and rock some incredible outfits ranging from cozy scarves and sweaters to gold jumpsuits. There’s something amazing to look at in every frame of this show.

Speaking of Mera, she wields formidable water-controlling powers and is a master of sand-to-sand combat. (We promise that’s the last ocean pun.) Much to her delight, the action and fighting are almost non-stop in chapter one. She comes to her boyfriend’s rescue more than once. Mera lives by the rule “punch first and ask questions later,” a rare hot-tempered personality type for a superheroine—and we are here for it.  She’s also the master of a sincere pep talk, and her spirited conversations with Aquaman are some of the best scenes of the episode.

And we haven’t even talked about the musical number in the second episode yet! That’s right, prepare your ears because Aquaman knows how to belt a tune underwater. His ode to his trademark ability to talk to fish is both joyful and hilarious. Schools of vibrant fish dance and swirl through the water as Aquaman appreciates his unique superpower. There’s also a high chance the catchy tune is going to get stuck in your head immediately. You’re welcome.

Yes, the series is a little bizarre, but King of Atlantis is Arthur Curry at his best. Aquaman shows off the same fighting prowess from his eponymous movie, along with some quick thinking and inspirational speeches. He’s willing to give everyone a chance to talk things out, from lowly bandits to a highly suspicious self-proclaimed king of garbage. (Except maybe Ocean Master. He really doesn’t like that guy.) And did we mention the sparkly outfit? If you’re a big fan of the Protector of the Depths, we promise you’re going to find this one-of-a-kind incarnation of Aquaman just as endearing.

Best of all, King of Atlantis is fun for fans of all ages, so you can enjoy Aquaman’s antics as a family. DC aficionados who get a kick out of the fast-paced zaniness of Teen Titans GO! will discover that there’s a lot to love in this equally wacky and jubilant series. If you’re on the hunt for another high-energy, irreverent animated series to brighten up a gloomy day, King of Atlantis is shore to be exactly what you’re looking for.

(That was the last ocean pun. For real.)

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