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Five Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Wonder Woman

Five Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Wonder...

By Kelly Knox Thursday, September 30th, 2021

Celebrate the Amazon Princess by sharing these facts with friends! And co-workers. And strangers. And…

Wonder Woman is celebrating an incredible eighty years of adventures! From ancient gods to interstellar threats, Princess Diana of Themyscira has seen it all. But do you know it all when it comes to the wondrous warrior? Let’s take a moment to check out five things you might not have known about one of the DC Universe’s greatest heroines.

Diana wasn’t named after a goddess of Olympus, but a human heroine.

Hippolyta named her young daughter in honor of Diana Rockwell Trevor, Steve’s mother. Wonder Woman got the story straight from her namesake herself when they crossed paths in 1988’s Wonder Woman #12.

As a girl growing up in Nebraska, Diana Rockwell wanted nothing more than to soar through the sky. She became a pilot in her teens, married and had a son named Steve. She served as a pilot in World War II and later as a test pilot. One fateful experimental flight crash-landed her on the hidden island of Themyscira.

There she discovered the Amazons under attack from a monster. Without thinking, she charged into the fray, and defeated the beast at the cost of her own life. She whispered her name to Hippolyta with her last breath. The queen named her child in honor of the fallen hero.

Her accessories are forged from the armor of gods and heroes.

You probably know that Diana won her armor and weapons in the tournament to choose the Amazon’s ambassador to the human world. But have you heard about where those enchanted items came from?

The goddess Hestia gave Wonder Woman the unbreakable golden Lasso of Truth. It was forged by Hephaestus from the Girdle of Gaea that belonged to Antiope, Hippolyta’s sister and Diana’s aunt. Antiope ruled as queen over another, more warlike faction of Amazons. She gave Hippolyta her Girdle of Gaea before she met her death at the hands of Ariadne. You’ll find Antiope’s tale in Wonder Woman #33.

Wonder Woman’s shining silver bracelets were also won in the contest. Another priceless piece forged by Hephaestus from shards of Zeus’s shield, they mark her as the Amazons’ honored champion.

She has more superpowers beyond strength and flight.

You know she’s super-strong and super-fast, but what other abilities did the divine beings of Olympus grant Diana? Not only does Wonder Woman have flight and super-speed, but she can also communicate with any beast or creature thanks to the blessing of Artemis. Her empathy with animals gives her so much of a rapport with creatures that she can calm them with just her presence. She often converses with them. From the smallest birds to towering dinosaurs, Diana loves all life.

Sure, you know about Wonder Woman’s companion kanga. But do you know her name?

The creatures of Themyscira have a special bond with Diana. One in particular has been her companion since some of her earliest adventures. While all Amazons enjoy the company of the kangaroo-like kangas, Diana’s favorite is named Jumpa. Amazons saddled and rode the kangas across the island—and even into the air as their leaps took them high in the sky.

Superhero by day, fast food worker by night.

She’s battled gods and monsters, but even superheroes need to pay the bills! After returning to Earth after six months away in space, Diana discovered that Themyscira had disappeared during her absence. Presumed dead by the Justice League, she no longer had a home or income. (The computer refused to release her checks.) Determined to hold her own, she applied for a job at a fast food joint called Taco Whiz. She landed the gig in 1993’s Wonder Woman #73.

For months, Diana worked hard behind the counter. It was a tough job, but she considered feeding people gratifying and noble. She quicky connected with the everyday people in the restaurant and neighborhood. Even her teammates and superpowered friends dropped by Taco Whiz for a quick bite.

Whether she’s dressed in accessories formed by the hands of the gods or in a bright blue fast food uniform, Wonder Woman is the graceful heroine we all aspire to be. Who knows what else we’ll learn about her in the next eighty years?

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