For Dick Grayson, family has always been found in some pretty unexpected places. Whether it was the sawdust-covered grounds of a circus bigtop, or the stewardship of Gotham’s wealthiest resident, or among a team of former sidekicks finding their way, Dick’s family has always been a bit unusual. But discovering that the daughter of the mob boss who killed his parents is secretly his half-sister…that’s stretching things even for a guy as limber as Dick.

Yet, it’s true. Melinda Zucco, the daughter of Boss Zucco and the recently elected mayor of Blüdhaven, is in fact the daughter of Dick’s father and Zucco’s estranged wife. And even more astonishing, she seems to want a relationship with her brother. But that could be difficult seeing how Dick is Nightwing, Blüdhaven’s champion for justice, while Melinda seems to be in bed with Sal Maroni and Blockbuster, the sociopathic bruiser who’s been one of the biggest thorns in Nightwing’s side over the years. What sort of relationship could the two possibly have?

Potentially a very rewarding one, as we discover in next week’s Nightwing #83, which wraps up Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo’s most recent storyline. After all, Dick could achieve much in the way of cleaning up Blüdhaven if he has the city’s mayor in his corner, and if she’s trusted by Blüdhaven’s two biggest crime bosses as well…? Well, the newest member of Dick’s remarkably diverse family may prove to be his most effective crimefighting partner yet. Of course, they have a little problem to contend with first—getting past Blockbuster, who’s currently raging outside Melinda’s home. To learn how they do that, check out our exclusive first look at the issue and be sure to drop by your local comic shop on Tuesday to see how this family reunion wraps up!

Nightwing #83 by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Cian Tormey and Adriano Lucas is available in print and as a digital comic book on Tuesday, August 17.

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