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First Look: The Authority Returns to the DC Universe

First Look: The Authority Returns to the DC Universe

By Tim Beedle Friday, July 16th, 2021

Our presidential past and (not nearly so presidential) present collide in this exclusive preview of Superman and the Authority #1.

Superheroes come in all types. There are those like Superman, who always conduct themselves with dignity and humility. Then there are those who don’t let superpowers get in the way of a good hangover.

One guess which category Manchester Black falls under.

Comic book rockstars Grant Morrison and Mikel Janín return to give the DC Universe a good kick in the arse next week with the debut issue of the highly anticipated Superman and the Authority, a four-chapter miniseries that not only promises to install a new version of the outside-the-rules superhero team within the DCU, but help establish a fresh status quo for the Superman comics as a whole. That starts with Manchester Black, the raucous, powerful one-time leader of the Elite. In their most famous confrontation, Black and Superman didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye, which makes the prospect of them working together for the greater good a curious one to say the least. We want to see how it’s going to work. And speaking of things we want to see, how about Morrison returning to Superman for the first time since the New 52 and Janín giving us more of what we loved in last spring’s Future State: Superman: Worlds of War? Um, yes, please!

There’s never truly been an acting Authority in the DCU proper, in part because Superman and the Justice League would usually not condone their style of peacekeeping. For Kal-El to suddenly find himself at the center of establishing a new version of the team means the world must be facing a threat unlike any we’ve seen before. Sadly, you won’t learn what it is in this first look at issue #1, but you will get a sense of the scope of Morrison’s story, which begins in the past as a youthful Man of Steel meets with President Kennedy before catching up with a half-soused Black in the present.

Seriously, how are these guys supposed to work together?


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Superman and the Authority #1 by Grant Morrison, Mikel Janín and Jordie Bellaire is available in print and as a digital comic on Tuesday, July 20.

The Authority isn’t the only superteam that’s returning next week! Dan Jurgens and Ryan Sook are bringing back the DCU’s greatest bromance—Blue & Gold! Get a sneak peek at the first issue right now in the DC Community.