It may have taken us a bit longer to get here than we expected (would it be a Task Force X mission if it didn’t?), but The Suicide Squad is now less than six months away. While we’d been given glimpses of the direction that writer and director James Gunn planned on taking his initial foray into the world of DC movies, today we got our first full on taste…and it’s looking wild.

Along with a new red band trailer that assures us The Suicide Squad will absolutely earn its R-rating, we were also treated to no less than twelve new character posters, plus a bright, bold one-sheet featuring the core cast. Don’t worry if you missed any of them, though. We’ve rounded them all up here.

And that’s not all! Gunn also shared an additional retro-styled promo image that calls to mind the explosive action movies of the 1970s. (For those of us old enough to remember them. *cough*)

So, what do you think of all this, DC fans? Now would be a perfect time to dive into the DC Community to share any thoughts you have on your hand. (Yeah, that is your hand.) Oh, and also how excited you are for The Suicide Squad to hit movie screens and HBO Max in August!