Has there been any character who’s changed more over the past year than Harley Quinn? Yes, she’s still the same Maid of Mischief who believes the best solution to any persistent problem is a baseball bat to the head. But she’s inarguably turned over a new leaf, working alongside Batman and finally admitting the feelings she has for her longtime friend Poison Ivy (you did read the first issue of Batman: Urban Legends, right?). While no one would call Harley a member of the Bat-Family, she’s on a new path, blazing it as fiercely independently as ever, and taking out anyone who would hold her back with a kick between the legs.

It’s this new, much more accountable Harley Quinn that writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Riley Rossmo will be exploring in their relaunched new series, which debuts next week with Harley Quinn #1. After the destruction of “The Joker War,” pretty much all of which came at the hands of her ex, Harley returns to Gotham determined to undo some of the damage her past enablement might have caused. But as anyone who’s hurt people before can tell you, forgiveness doesn’t come easily. Not even when the person you’re asking it of is Killer Croc, someone whose past behavior is hardly angelic. You can see how Harley’s confrontation with Croc plays out—and get your first taste of what to expect from her series with Phillips and Rossmo at the reins—in our exclusive sneak peek at the first issue. While Croc may pick up a few new bruises, we can promise that no people are seriously harmed in this preview. (Can’t say the same for cakes, though!)

Harley Quinn #1 by Stephanie Phillips, Riley Rossmo and Ivan Plascencia is available in print and as a digital comic on Tuesday, March 23.

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