To say that a lot’s changed since the first time Dick Grayson teamed up with Batman is like saying Gotham’s crime rate is slightly higher than average. Masked superheroes are outlaws in Gotham with orders to be shot on sight. The GCPD has been cobbled, with the fascist Magistrate given authority over keeping the peace. And the Batman that Dick knows—who raised him after the death of his parents—is now believed to be dead, and it’s unclear if Nightwing knows that he’s actually still very much alive.

In a word, things in Gotham have gone thoroughly to hell.

But not everything’s lost. While Bruce may have gone off the grid, there’s a new Batman on the streets and his heart and mind certainly seem to be in the right place. We mean that figuratively, of course, but also physically as well. In Future State: Nightwing #1, Batman literally showed up at Nightwing’s doorstep in the nick of time, as the forces of the Magistrate surrounded Dick’s new Arkham Asylum base of operations. (We told you things were bad.) The only problem is that Dick doesn’t know this new Batman. He has no clue who he is and if he can trust him. Yet, with a desperate situation like the one he’s in, the question really is—does he have a choice?

Next Tuesday’s Future State: Nightwing #2 will bring Gotham’s veteran Boy Wonder and all-new Dark Knight together in action for the first time. How will it go? Has the student now become the teacher when it comes to this new Batman and former Robin? We can’t promise all the answers right now, but for your first glimpse of this promising new pairing, check out our exclusive preview of Andrew Constant and Nicola Scott’s concluding chapter.

Future State: Nightwing #2 by Andrew Constant, Nicola Scott and Ivan Plascencia is in stores and available digitally on Tuesday, February 16.

We know what Batman and Nightwing are up to, but what about their whip-smart partner in crime, Catwoman? You can check out an exclusive preview of Future State: Catwoman #2 right now over in the DC Community.

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