Here we are with 2020 coming to a close, but all we can think about is 1984. That’s right, friends, Wonder Woman 1984 will finally be in theaters and on HBO Max* in just a day! But if things feel like they’re moving too slowly and you’re struggling to hold out for the premiere, Leveling Up has entered the chat to help you cope in the best way possible.

That’s because Wonder Woman isn’t just shaking up the movie world; she and her Golden Armor are flying straight into our game universes as well for some limited-time promotions and thrilling collaborations.

So, strap on your armor and journey with us to Themyscira and beyond where this in-game action will have you seeing some gold in addition to red and green this holiday season.

Take on Brand New Missions in Roblox

Earlier this year, Roblox launched Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience, a first-of-its-kind immersive location within the game that allowed users to freely explore Diana’s paradise island home and discover all of the secrets/quests it contains. The experience only continued to grow from there, consistently adding more items along the way as all roads led to this climactic moment with the Wonder Woman 1984 release.

But, before you dive into everything that’s new, make sure you freshen up on where things started: we’ve got your full travel guide and itinerary right here because we pretty much went to the island and decided that we weren’t ever going to leave. We regret nothing.

So, naturally, when all of these goodies started showing up, we were there to try our hand at the shiny new minigames right away. First up on December 8th was the Amazonian obstacle course, or the “Amazon Obby” as the locals call it (trust us: you want to speak like a local). This mission was accompanied by a slew of new items, many of which were inspired by the Cheetah. Oh, and did we mention that Gal Gadot herself kicked off this next phase? If she’s the head of the Themysciran tourism board, they’re going to need a bigger island, folks.

Next up was a big day on December 17th, which is when we all got to go to the mall. And, while the movie trailers depict a big showdown inside of a mall during Wonder Woman 1984, the Robloxian edition is a bit more lighthearted with an old-fashioned food fight being the minigame of choice here. Plus, this launch soared to new heights with the addition of the Golden Armor Set, which allows players to wear this iconic get-up in full or in pieces. Either way, it’s 100% awesome.

Stay tuned for more to see what else Roblox may have in store in celebration of the film release!

Wonder Woman is Ready for Battle in Injustice 2

Speaking of the film release, a collaboration that was more than a year in the making launched on December 15th when NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice 2 mobile game made the Golden Armor Wonder Woman character available to players. Injustice 2 is a DC gaming staple, with best-in-class battle mechanics and high-end graphics that will leave you second-guessing whether this is actually a mobile game or not.

So, when Golden Armor Wonder Woman made her debut, she was a showstopper to say the least. And it’s easy to see why—she arrived on scene, spread her wings and brought the house down with three passive skills, three special moves and one supermove. Just to give you an idea of how powerful she is, we’re talking about game-changing abilities to increase her team’s Combo Meter and improve her Damage Over Time resistance. But that’s not all because we’re in love with the “Whip Lash” maneuver, a sure-to-be iconic warrior attack that lassoes up the most wounded opponent in battle and smashes them with a devastating blow. It’s as fierce as it is epic, and we’re here for it all the way.

As for the supermove, we’ll let you try that one out yourself, but rest assured that it deploys almost every piece of Wonder Woman’s Amazonian arsenal to leave opponents regretting the day they dared step into battle against her. However, Wonder Woman isn’t all about beatdowns and power displays…she’s a benevolent demi-goddess after all. That’s why Injustice 2 is also hosting Wonder Woman’s Divine Holiday, a 15-day celebration through December 29th that offers free player gifts like Power Gems, Sim Chips, Account Energy and other surprises.

We See You, DC Legends, and You Have Us Intrigued

And when it comes to surprises, it’s possible that the Wonder Woman-related fun may not be over yet. That’s because our amazing friends at DC Legends also seem to be teasing something tied to the upcoming film release. As of today, all we can offer you from Leveling Up is hearsay and rumors, but we’re going to keep our eyes peeled to see if there’s another trick up Wonder Woman’s Golden Armor sleeve.

In the meantime, get gaming and go for the gold, everyone. Wonder Woman 1984 is nearly upon us, and we’ve got a bounty of minigames, battles and rewards to keep that spirit alive before, during and after the movie.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens in theaters and on HBO Max* on Friday, December 25th. For all the latest news, trailers and features on Diana’s return to the screen, visit our official Wonder Woman 1984 movie page.

Nick Mindicino writes about comics, characters and gaming for and is the author of our recurring videogame column, "Leveling Up."

*Wonder Woman 1984 is available on HBO Max in the US only at no extra cost to subscribers.