‘Tis the season, gamers! By now, our decorating is done (right?), our gifts are wrapped (maybe?), and our family video conferencing sessions have been scheduled (perhaps?). Or, if you’re like us here at Leveling Up, you’re on the naughty list because none of those things have happened yet and we don’t have the powers of the Speed Force to help us catch up again.

But that’s okay! Because we have companions with us on the naughty list this year, courtesy of our friends at Fortnite and Knives Out. And there happens to be a common thread across both collaborations—the super-villains are front and center without a hero in sight.

With that in mind, let’s suit up and see what kind of virtual trouble we can get into before the year’s over. After all, we’re already living dangerously for the reasons described above. So, what’s a little more mayhem added into the mix, right?

Get the Last Laugh

Since 2019, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Black Manta invade the world of Fortnite, and now we have two more iconic DC Super-Villains jumping into the fray. Who are they, you might be wondering? Look no farther than the Joker and Poison Ivy. Yup, kind of a big deal.

They make their debut as a part of Fortnite’s The Last Laugh Bundle, which is a pack that fans have been able to pick up at physical retailers since November 17 (that’s why you might have seen players cruising around the island with these Outfits for the past month). But the fresh, big news is that the pack is now available digitally in Fortnite’s Item Shop, so you can expect a whole lot more mayhem to be unfolding around you as a result.

And when we say mayhem, we mean it. Just get a load of all the accessories that this bundle comes stacked with: The Joker Outfit (plus an additional style), the Poison Ivy Outfit (plus an additional style), the Laugh Riot Back Bling (it’s reactive!), the Bad Joke Pickaxe, The Joker’s Revenge Pickaxe, the Pick a Card Contrail, the Back Bloom Back Bling (say that one five times fast), and the Ivy Axe Pickaxe. But wait, there’s more! (Okay, you caught us—we’ve always wanted to host our own infomercial). As if all that wasn’t enough, the pack also comes with 1,000 V-Bucks, which is the official in-game currency of Fortnite (and significantly more fun than real money). If you’re a numbers-cruncher, though, that equates to about $8 USD, but don’t expect to be able to exchange it for your holiday ham.

Finally, the pack includes an additional character original to Fortnite who can stoke the flames of anarchy right alongside our Clown Prince of Crime and floral femme fatale. His name is Midas Rex, and he comes with his own Back Bling and Pickaxe…you know, the essentials.

So, deck your halls with some maniacal laughter and see if you can get your Christmas tree to do your evil bidding: The Last Laugh Bundle from Fortnite is available digitally and in stores now.

Super-Villains Take Over Knives Out

One thing we can’t do for the holidays this year is travel, but we can send a virtual hello to our friends at NetEase Games, who just launched their second collaboration with DC in the hit title, Knives Out.

Before we go any farther, though, we have to warn everyone reading: this is only available in Japan (cue up sad music). But allow us to whet your whistles here and let us know if you want to see this action-packed battle royale make its way to your neck of the woods at some point in the future (spoiler alert: you do).

This latest collaboration is a follow-up to a Birds of Prey-inspired crossover earlier in the year, but now we’re delving deeper into DC’s comic book universe with all-new character looks inspired by Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Deadshot. These super-villains join Knives Out’s existing cast of characters, including Morrolin and Jack Horseman, to take back (or take over) a city that’s run amuck. And, with these questionable influences setting up shop, you can only expect the conflict to just be getting started.

The costumes are complemented by a new Harley-ized weapon accessory, which can be leveled up in three different ways as you continue playing and racking up that high score. However, if all this talk of villainy has you desperate for just a slight touch of heroics, there’s also an assortment of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman-themed accessories that you can score to upgrade your avatar’s looks and abilities along the way. Perhaps the coolest are the sports car vehicles, which bring us three new models of the Batmobile as a part of this latest collaboration.

Unlike your holiday preparations, though, don’t procrastinate! These items and costumes are only available through December 30, so check them out before it’s too late. Plus, there’s even a holiday-themed mini-game where you can play cat-and-horse (see what we did there?) as Catwoman tries to steal presents from underneath Jack Horseman’s tree without waking him up.

Be Bad, But Have a Good Holiday

That’s it for today, everyone! Be sure to get in touch with your inner baddie exclusively through these crossovers. That way, you can be your usual angelic self when you connect with your loved ones.

From all of us here at Leveling Up, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season. And rest up for all of the gaming action to come in 2021!