Even for Superman, a lot can happen in two years. Since taking the reins of the Man of Steel’s core title in 2018, Brian Michael Bendis and Ivan Reis have seen Superman save all of Earth from the Phantom Zone, establish and defend an interstellar United Planets, send his son to the future to learn from the Legion of Super-Heroes and…oh yes, reveal his secret identity to the entire world. It’s been a time of change and rebirth for DC’s oldest superhero, one that’s changed who Superman is forever.

Yet, everything must come to an end, even when we’re talking about a hero who’s been running strong for over eighty years. And while Superman’s adventures will continue, the writer and artist who have kept his fans enraptured for the past two years will be moving on to other things after the release of this week’s Superman #28. (Bendis has one final Superman comic out on December 22, Action Comics #1028, before he leaves that title as well.)

Fortunately, the team is going out with an interplanetary bang, as Superman finds himself at the mercy of the alien race called the Synmar and their unbelievably powerful warrior known as Synmar Utopica. Superman was unable to defeat the Utopica back on planet Earth, when he had the benefit of our yellow sun to aid him. Now, trapped on the Synmar home world underneath an alien sun that saps him of his superpowers, Kal-El must rely on his wits, empathy and understanding of others, as well as the Synmar’s mercy. But can he expect mercy from a race that would create a brutal warrior like Synmar Utopica in the first place?

In our exclusive first look at Superman #28, Synmar leadership debates what to do with the Man of Steel and questions the Utopica’s judgment in bringing him there. Now, we don’t know much about the Synmar—they’re still a newly discovered race. But something tells me that the Utopica miiiiight not respond well to having his actions questioned by the people who made him so disillusioned in the first place. But what do you think? Check out our preview and be sure to grab the full issue tomorrow for an action-packed farewell to one of the best Super-teams in recent memory.

Superman #28 by Brian Michael Bendis, Ivan Reis, Danny Miki and Alex Sinclair is in stores and available digitally on Tuesday, December 15.