“Suddenly a gigantic cone of light pierces the dusk of day and etches an eerie symbol against a black cloud—the silhouette of a giant bat!”

And that, friends, is how the Bat-Signal was born. Springing forth from the pages of Detective Comics #60 in 1942, readers were introduced to what would become the most iconic searchlight in history. A summoning call to Batman and a symbol that strikes fear into the hearts of Gotham City’s criminals, this contraption perched atop GCPD headquarters has come to represent justice almost as much as the Dark Knight himself.

It’s been a part of nearly every Batman comic book storyline; been featured in countless movies, television episodes, and video games; and has even lit up the skies in real-life cities all around the world to celebrate Batman’s 80th anniversary. So, what is it about this invention that’s allowed it to take on a life of its own and become a character itself?

For starters, it’s what it represents. Throughout his crimefighting career, Batman has always walked the line between superhero and vigilante, undoubtedly delivering justice but doing so in the shadows and largely without support from law enforcement authorities. This created a sense of wariness among Gotham’s citizenry—a dubious suspicion in their minds that questioned whether he was ultimately friend or foe. But then, all of a sudden, a strange beacon of light started shining directly from the GCPD building, beckoning Batman for help. While the Caped Crusader may not have won over the entire force, clearly his heroics resonated with Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, showing Batman that perhaps he wasn’t alone in this battle for justice after all. And, in turn, showing the city that there was reason to believe in The Bat—to believe that light could prevail over darkness.

The Bat-Signal brought Batman closer to Commissioner Gordon, who would become as much of a member of the Batman Family as any superhero sidekick over the years. And it brought Batman closer to the people on the streets as well, even though they never knew his true identity. Criminals would look up and think twice about their nefarious dealings. Residents would look up and feel a sense of safety, support and pride.

That’s why, even with a Batcave packed to the brim with the latest innovative technology, the Bat-Signal may just be the best gadget in the entire Batman universe. It’s lo-fi and a little clunky, but its charm is in its simplicity. Sure, there are other ways to get a hold of Batman, but the Bat-Signal can do it in a manner that’s unifying. It fosters a sense of community. It lets Gotham know that, even if you can’t see him, Batman is there. Justice will prevail.

To put it another way: no matter how divided, fractured, or dark the city may seem to be on the surface, you just have to look up and find the light.

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