The Birds are back, baby!

Yes, while it’s only been a few months since DC’s all-female team of vigilantes hit the big screen, it feels like it’s been ages. So, if you find yourself missing the Birds of Prey, you’ll want to hit up your local comic shop or favorite digital retailer next week as Brian Azzarello and the art team of Emanuela Lupacchino and Ray McCarthy unite for a spectacular new one-shot featuring much of the same lineup as the Margot Robbie-starring flick.

When a call from a one-time flame sets Dinah on the trail of a brutal new Gotham City crime syndicate, the clues lead to a run-in with Huntress and Detective Renee Montoya, who are also investigating the gang. But it’s anyone’s guess how it all will shake out once Harley Quinn, who’s newly freed from Belle Reve, enters the picture. This collection of would-be heroes, antiheroes and sometime psychopaths is anything but a team, but maybe a little unpredictability is just what this mission calls for. Either that, or their methods will prove to be completely at odds and the newest iteration of the Birds of Prey will implode before it even leaves the nest. Either way, it’s bound to be entertaining!

Birds of Prey #1 is 96 pages of spectacular action, underworld intrigue and high-octane thrills that are sure to please fans of the Birds of Prey film and comic series alike. With no movies currently in theaters, the blockbuster of the summer is landing in comic shops instead, and we have an exclusive 11-page sneak peek.

Birds of Prey #1 by Brian Azzarello, Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, Trish Mulvihill and John Kalisz is in stores and available digitally on Tuesday, June 2.