The Last God #3 Goes Back to Press for A Second Printing!

The quest to slay the Last God and save the city of Cain Anuun continues to be a hit with comic book fans, as issue #3 of The Last God goes to press for a second printing! This follows the sellout and subsequent second printing of The Last God #1, released on October 30, 2019.

The Last God is written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by Riccardo Federici, colors by Sunny Gho and letters by Tom Napolitano. In this third chapter, Queen Cyanthe and her unlikely companions make their way across the land of Cain Anuun toward the city stronghold of the Guild Eldritch, a powerful order of sorcerers led by Skol, another member of the original fellowship of Godslayers. There they hope to find protection from the looming forces of Mol Uhltep and his inhuman servant, King Tyr.

In the past, we see young Tyr, Cyanthe, and Veikko Al Mun make their way toward a similar destination, while they uncover more secrets of the Last God’s plan and make an unlikely ally.

The reprinted edition of The Last God #3 will be available on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. The issue #1 reprint, along with Issues,#2, #4 and #5 are still available at local comic book stores and participating digital retailers. Issue #6 goes on sale March 25, 2020.