Don’t know about you, but we have a hard time keeping everyone straight even with one set of memories. Ric Grayson—the hero who once called himself Nightwing—has two distinct sets. In one of them, he’s a Gotham City superhero and part of the Bat-Family. In another, he’s destined to be the Court of Owls’ most feared assassin—the Talon. While he knows which one is factually true, it’s pretty hard to go against what your own mind is telling you.

Ric has endured plenty of physical struggles since returning to Blüdhaven, but it’s seeming increasingly likely that his biggest battle of all will be a mental one. And as if that’s not enough of a problem, the Joker’s in town. Gotham’s most notorious villain has a problem with the four others who have taken up the Nightwing mantle, and when the Joker has a problem, everyone has a problem. Especially Detective Sapienza, Malcolm Hutch, Colleen Edwards and her brother Zak, the would-be heroes that have caught the Joker’s attention.

Let’s be honest, none of the four Nightwings are ready to take on the Joker. They’re not even close. So, let’s hope Ric can sort out his memories before the Clown Prince of Crime turns Blüdhaven into a blüdbath. Nightwing #70 is a can’t-miss prologue to the upcoming “Joker War,” which promises to rock the Bat-books later this year, and we’ve got an exclusive preview for you right here.

Nightwing #70 by Dan Jurgens, Ryan Benjamin, Scott Hanna and Rain Beredo is in stores Wednesday, March 18.