How have you been doing, DC fans? Easter might be one month away, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait until then to go on an Easter egg hunt. We can have one every time we watch #DCTV. Just be glad that I keep my comments in this column, because if I was watching these shows with you on your couch, I’d be pausing every few minutes to explain one comic trivia fact or another. Luckily for all of us, the Couch Club is where I go to share. Here’s my Easter egg haul for the month!

The Flash

There is so much to talk about with the last few episodes of The Flash because that show never slows down. (I apologize for the obvious pun, but tell me that I’m wrong!)

We FINALLY got to meet Sue Dearbon (in the episode appropriately titled “A Girl Named Sue”), which I’ve been excited about ever since she was teased last year. This version of Sue was a bit different from her comic counterpart and was more than a match for our version of Ralph. Sue claimed she was being hunted by a man named John Loring, if you’re a longtime comics reader, that name should make you nervous.

As I mentioned in an Easter Egg Hunt column last year, the comic book version of Sue was murdered by JEAN Loring, the ex-wife of Ray Palmer. There have been a few nods to Jean in the Arrowverse already, so gender-swapping her into John Loring was an interesting way to reference Sue’s death from the Identity Crisis limited series. Of course, it looks like this version of Sue is one step ahead of Loring…and Ralph! Yes, I’m obviously shipping Ralph/Sue. Am I the only one who can’t wait to see these two together again?

And on that note, how about a little behind the scenes Easter egg for you? Did you know that the actress who plays Sue and the actor who plays Ralph are longtime friends in real life? For more cool tidbits like that, be sure to read Tim Beedle’s interview with actress Natalie Dreyfuss!

Speaking of gender-swapping, we met another new character in “A Girl Named Sue.” While trapped in the mirror dimension, Iris meets a companion with a name that should be very familiar to longtime Flash comic book readers. Eva McCulloch is a gender-swapped version of Evan McCulloch, who was the Mirror Master during Wally West’s tenure as the Flash. Be careful Iris! Don’t trust her!

We also got to see a speedster gorilla in the episode “Grodd Friended Me” and it was one of the coolest things ever. Believe it or not, the comic book version of Grodd did receive Speed Force powers, but under very different circumstances. During the New 52 Flash run, Grodd figured out how to tap into the Speed Force, making him more than a match for the Flash. The lightning symbol affixed to Grodd’s hairy chest in this episode came straight from that storyline.


I loved Mr. Mxyzptlk’s return on Supergirl! The Fifth Dimension imp is fun whenever he shows up, and the episode “It’s a Super Life” was no exception. We learned that some of Mxy’s powers come from his bowler hat, which has been an iconic part of his wardrobe ever since his first appearance in 1944’s Superman #30. Yes, seeing a character wear a bowler hat is a comic book homage that makes me smile. It’s the little things, you know? 

We also got more Legion of Super-Heroes lore, which is always fun. Winn returned in the episode “Back From the Future,” and showed us a picture of his wife Ayla. While we don’t get a last name, it’s pretty safe to assume that the woman in the photograph is Ayla Ranzz, the Legionnaire known as Lightning Lass. She was briefly mentioned in season three, but this was our first look at her. Winn also mentions his brother-in-law, who we could only assume is Ayla’s twin brother Garth, otherwise known as Lightning Lad. They even dropped the name Chemical King, a Legionnaire with the power to control the speeds of chemical reactions. All this Legion talk is getting me excited for a possible future appearance. Maybe they can show up and talk some sense into their old pal Brainy.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The drama with Astra Logue has continued to be a headache for Constantine and the Legends this year. During the episode “A Head of Her Time,” a glimpse into the past gives us a look at Astra’s father, Alex Logue.

Let me tell you something, in the comics Alex was a piece of work. 1988’s Hellblazer #11 introduced us to Alex’s Casanova Club. It seems like a fun place to hang out, until you go downstairs and see all the demonic sex parties. And if that still sounds thrilling to you (we don’t judge around here), you should know that a demon conjured during one of the parties killed everyone in attendance. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Constantine’s punk rock band once played the Casanova Club, and Alex never paid them! Is this where Constantine would say “wanker?”


In the episode “Drink Me,” Batwoman took on Nocturna, and let me tell you something, this felt like the comic coming to life. This type of stuff is exactly why I watch #DCTV. For those of you who aren’t aware, Nocturna comes straight from the comics, where she’s sometimes portrayed as a vampire. During the early 1980’s, she briefly became Jason Todd’s adopted mother! Can you imagine Curran Walters from Titans as her son? (Actually, now that I say it, I kinda can and really want to see it now. Hey, crazier things have happened in the Arrowverse.) In the comics, this went down in Detective Comics #543 and was part of a plot to get Bruce Wayne to marry her.

Nocturna has also been a frequent enemy for Kate Kane, which is why it’s so much fun to see her show up on Batwoman. In Kate’s New 52 series, Nocturna used her mind control powers to get Kate to break up with her fiancée Maggie Sawyer and date her instead. Want to hear something crazy? It was actually Beth/Alice who helped Kate break out from Nocturna’s control. Maybe there is hope for those sisters after all!


Look at that, my basket is full already! Don’t you just love all the comic book lore they sneak into these episodes? If you think I missed something big, or want to share your own findings, feel free to tweet them my way at @tbujosh. I challenge you all to make your own list for this month and see how closely it resembles mine when this column returns for its April edition!

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