As if Arkham Asylum wasn’t scary enough!

The search for a killer proves to be a long and winding road for the Dark Knight in The Batman’s Grave, the Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch maxiseries that hits its halfway point next week. In last month’s chapter, a visit to Arkham to meet up with Commissioner Gordon and interview accused murderer Eduardo Flamingo went frighteningly wrong as the asylum’s orderlies were all revealed to be members of the Scorn Army—a mysterious and relentless organization that seems to be waging war on Gotham’s justice system.

Little is known about the Scorn Army at this point, but their members all seem to be scarred, tattooed…and numerous. Now, to escape Arkham, Batman and Gordon must fight their way through dozens of the Army’s soldiers, and as if that wasn’t already enough of a challenge, Batman doesn’t want Gordon shooting to kill. It’s unlikely the Army will extend the same courtesy. Will Bruce and Gordon survive? Will they learn more about the Scorn Army’s motivations? Will Alfred offer up more of his absolutely biting commentary? You’ll have to pick up The Batman’s Grave #6 to find out, but you can get your first hints in this exclusive preview!

The Batman’s Grave #6 by Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair is in stores Wednesday, March 11.