In last week’s Justice League #41, the entire League narrowly escaped from the Eradicator and his Advance Legion of powerful Daxamites.

Or rather, most of the team did.

In a shocking reveal, the Justice League realized they had left Wonder Woman behind and the Amazon warrior was now a captive of the Eradicator. As the nihilistic machine prepares to destroy all life on Earth, the Justice League is left without any idea of how to defeat it, and they’re down a core team member to boot. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, is just hoping she survives. One of the world’s strongest and most powerful heroes, she’s now at the mercy of someone who just soundly beat her entire team.

Unfortunately, it turns out luck has very little to do with her survival. The Eradicator sees her as a useful prisoner, and that use can spell destruction for not just Diana, but the entire world. What is it? Read our exclusive first look at next week’s Justice League #42 to find out, and let’s hope that the heroes of the Justice League can once again figure out a way to save the world…and their teammate.

Justice League #42 by Robert Venditti, Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan and David Baron is in stores Wednesday, March 4.