I mean, can you really blame Jon? If you were suddenly transported to the far future to join an intergalactic team of superheroes on a newly rebuilt planet Earth, wouldn’t you want to bring your best friend along for the ride? Even if said friend is a non-powered former assassin who sometimes plays a bit fast and loose with superhero ethics?

Sorry, we’re getting ahead of ourselves (must be all the time travel). In last month’s Legion of Super-Heroes #2, Jon learned that in the 31st Century, there’s an entire planet called Gotham…and that was pretty much all he could think about from that point on. The idea that someone had heard about Gotham and its crime-ridden streets and cowled vigilantes and thought that it would be really fun to create a whole planet like that…well, it was just inexplicable to him. So, naturally, he wanted to see it. And who better to take along for the ride than his best buddy Damian Wayne.

Of course, the Legion didn’t invite Damian to the future, which means Jon will have to sneak back in time and get him. The President of the United Planets is already pretty ticked off over one 21st Century hero being brought to the future without her consent, and there’s also the matter of the criminals and warlords who are hunting for Aquaman’s trident (which the Legion just happens to have in its possession). In other words, it might not be the best time for a wayward Boy Wonder to unexpectedly make a visit to New Earth. But since when do the Super Sons let a little thing like that stop them?

The trouble begins in our exclusive first look at Legion of Super-Heroes #3!

Legion of Super-Heroes #3 by Brian Michael Bendis, Ryan Sook, Travis Moore, Wade Von Grawbadger and Jordie Bellaire is in stores Wednesday.