Watchmen, Teen Titans: Raven Make the New York Times Bestseller List

The New York Times has released its prestigious Bestseller list today and DC is proud to announce that it has made the list with two titles in the Graphic Books and Manga category, the 2019 edition of Watchmen and Teen Titans: Raven!

Watchmen (2019 Edition), #5

With the incredible success of the hit cable TV series, this classic story by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons has fans rushing to book stores, digital retailers and comic book retailers alike to discover (and re-discover) the original story that inspired the cable TV phenomenon.

In a world where superheroes are real (and outlawed), Richard Nixon is President and the world teeters on the brink of nuclear Armageddon, someone is killing costumed adventurers. While some go into retirement, some go into hiding and some into exile, three unlikely heroes band together to find out who the killer is, encountering a much larger and frightening reality in the process, caused by one of their own.  

Teen Titans: Raven, #15

Written by Kami Garcia with art by Gabriel Picolo, this young adult graphic novel is already into its fourth printing. The book has also received similar praise from other media such as USA Today and Publishers Weekly. Teen Titans: Raven is the first installment of a multipart series from Garcia and Picolo that reimagines popular Teen Titans characters for a young adult audience and follows the coming-of-age journey of 17-year-old Rachel Roth.

“That Teen Titans: Raven has made this prestigious list months after its initial publication represents a significant milestone in DC’s plan to enter the young adult graphic novel space,” said Michele Wells, Vice President and Executive Editor, DC Books for Young Readers. “The book has entered its fourth printing now, so we’re excited to see that the characters, talent and stories that have been reimagined for the young adult space has struck a chord with fans.”  

After a tragic accident takes the life of her foster mother – and Rachel’s memory – she moves to New Orleans to live with her foster mother’s family. The teenager known as Raven can solve math problems and make pasta at the drop of a hat, but still has no idea who she was before her accident.

As strange things begin to happen during her final year of high school, Raven’s past and present begin to collide and as she comes to grips with what’s buried in the past, as well as the darkness building inside her.

Both Watchmen (2019 Edition) and Teen Titans: Raven are available now at your local participating comic book store, book store and online retailer now, so pick them up! For the latest information on the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, visit the DC website at, the DC YouTube channel, or follow @DC Comics and @TheDCNation on social media.