New Year’s Evil is eighty full pages of holiday havoc courtesy of some of the most frightful—and festive!—villains in the DC Universe. If you’ve ever wanted to deck the halls, take a sleigh ride and auld some…um, lang synes (we’re trying, okay?) with the likes of the Joker, Sinestro, Poison Ivy, Calendar Man and Harley Quinn, this is your week! New Year’s Evil shows exactly what happens when the most wonderful time of the year meets the Year of the Villain.

In “A Coal in My Stocking” writer Ram V. teams up with penciler Anthony Spay, inker Jon Sibal and colorist Jeromy Cox to present a story of Christmas in Kahndaq featuring the always electrifying Teth-Adam. It has a lot of heart for such a short comic, but why take our word for it? Here’s what Ram V. had to say about his naughty-plays-nice tale.

“Villains and the holiday season; it’s such an antithetical pairing. When DC editors Dave Wielgosz and Alex Antone got in touch about doing a story for DC's New Year's Evil anthology, I said yes before they'd finished asking. I love Black Adam; he’s got that over-the-top, egotistical magnanimity that comes with every villain who thinks himself a hero. He’s a fun character to write. When I pitched the story, I wanted to contrast his massive, overblown personality with something quiet and sweet. Like confronting a cannon with a carnation. Without going into too much detail, I think the story is simultaneously awe inspiring and heartwarming, as things in the holiday season should be. All from a villain, to boot. Black Adam is definitely on the naughty list! 

“Artists Anthony Spay and Jon Sibal have brought the story to life with stellar results. Anthony was thrilled to draw Black Adam and it shows! Jeromy Cox's colors breathe life into the landscape as much as it breathes life into the characters. We packed quite a punch for eight pages. I hope people enjoy the story as much as we enjoyed making it. Happy Holidays to all the readers!”

Because you’ve all been so nice this year, we have an early holiday gift for you. Enjoy this exclusive sneak peek at “A Coal in My Stocking”!

New Year’s Evil #1 by Ram V., Anthony Spay, Jon Sibal, Jeromy Cox, Gabriel Hardman, Corrina Bechko, Christos Gage, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Dan Watters and more is in stores Wednesday.