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First Look: Saying Goodbye to General Lane

First Look: Saying Goodbye to General Lane

By Tim Beedle Monday, December 2nd, 2019

The Daily Planet’s star reporter drops her usually stoic demeanor as she deals with the sudden death of her father in this exclusive sneak peek at Lois Lane #6.

Over her life and career, Lois Lane has stared down some of the world’s biggest threats. She’s witnessed and written about calamities, cataclysms and crises, reported from the world’s most perilous regions and interviewed some of the most dangerous people on the planet. Challenges aren’t something Lois avoids—they’re what she seeks out. So, it’s shocking, if entirely understandable, to now see her facing a challenge that she’s ill-equipped to handle: The tragic death of her father, Sam Lane.

For those who missed it, General Lane was killed in Event Leviathan, but not before evidence emerged that he might have been involved with Leviathan in some way. The result is a messy situation that Lois is only just now starting to sort through. Throughout her entire career, Lois has sought out the often ugly truth and unsentimentally brought it to light. It’s been the very thing that has driven and arguably defined her. But what happens when that truth might cast a disparaging light on the father that she’s just now starting to grieve? A father with whom she only recently reconciled? For Lois, where does being a reporter end and being a daughter begin? This week’s Lois Lane #6 is a direct tie-in to Event Leviathan and picks up some of these unresolved threads. It’s an emotional, resonant issue, and we’re pleased to give you an exclusive early look at it.


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Lois Lane #6 by Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins is in stores Wednesday.