For over 75 years, Wonder Woman has stood tall as a source of inspiration to people all throughout the world.

The most recognized and beloved female superhero in history, Princess Diana of Themyscira has blazed an impressive trail from the pages of comic books to the upper echelons of popular culture. With her distinctive red, blue and gold costume and iconic Lasso of Truth, she represents the same qualities in her adventures on page and on screen—justice, peace and equality. She is a symbol of empowerment for all.

While Diana may have been raised among the Amazons, she’s far more than just a warrior. She’s an ambassador for peace who champions love and compassion.

Wonder Woman reminds us that there are no restrictions on what we’re capable of—no limits to what we can accomplish, no quotas when it comes to helping others, no compromise on justice and the equality of all. Diana embodies what it means to be a hero in these modern times. She possesses the strength and endurance to tackle any challenge, holds the unwavering belief that people can be better than they often are and uses truth as her most vital weapon.

Wonder Woman inspires all of us. That’s why on October 21, the day of her very first appearance in ALL STAR COMICS #8, we’re honoring Diana with a Day of Wonder. This is a day to celebrate all things Wonder Woman, from your favorite Wonder Woman comics, to the indescribable feeling you get when you watch the “No Man’s Land” sequence in the 2017 blockbuster film, to the most unforgettable line in the 1977 TV show’s theme song.

Wear your favorite Wonder Woman t-shirt or accessory, tweet or post what Wonder Woman means to you or introduce us to the “wonder women” in your life. Just be sure to use the #DayOfWonder hashtag so that fans across the world can follow along.

No matter who you are, it’s probably fair to say that Wonder Woman has impacted your life in some way. We hope you’ll join us as we celebrate Diana and all that she stands for as we mark our very first Day of Wonder.

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