How well do you know your neighbors? I mean, really. Do you know where they come from and who they really are? For many of us, our neighbors could be just about anyone. They could be spies, or circus performers, or serial killers (though let’s hope not). They could even be gods.

That’s the case in this week’s House of Whispers #13, which kicks off a new storyline for the Sandman Universe title. Grieving the death of their husband, Erzulie and Ogun come to Earth to plant a tree in his memory. But they’re not the only people on Earth who are grieving. Djuna is mourning the life she could have had if she hadn’t sacrificed so much for others. Only, hidden behind her tears is a righteous anger—an anger that’s just about to be birthed into the world. But the problem with anger, especially when it’s fresh and fiery, is how quickly it gets out of control…

Maybe her new neighbors will be able to help with that? Or maybe they’ll just spend the issue gardening. Either way, you can get your first taste of this sweetly suburban new storyline in this exclusive first look.

House of Whispers #13 by Nalo Hopkinson, Dan Watters, Matthew Dow Smith and Zac Atkinson is in stores Wednesday.