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First Look: Snapper Carr Dials H for Hero

First Look: Snapper Carr Dials H for Hero

By Tim Beedle Monday, June 24th, 2019

Miguel and Summer are looking for the Justice League but will have to settle for Snapper Carr in this sneak peek at Dial H for Hero #4.

Ever since the mysterious H-Dial landed in Miguel and Summer’s hands, the two totally out-of-their-league teens have been searching for a superhero to help them figure out what to do with it and all the trouble it seems to bring. And, after long last, they’ve made their way to the Justice League Detroit’s headquarters where…

…there are absolutely no superheroes.

But there is a bonafide superhero sidekick. Snapper Carr has been left in charge of the JLD’s no-longer-in-use base of operations, and while he’s not a hero himself, it turns out he knows a thing or two about the H-Dial. But will it be enough for our two young, sometime superheroes to finally get the answers they need? Also, what’s the deal with Robby Reed, the original owner of the H-Dial, who somehow has a connection to the villainous Mister Thunderbolt? Is he someone we can trust? More than anything, we have to wonder if snaps and “sockamagees” are really what Miguel and Summer need right now. We’re going to go out on a limb and say probably not, but then again, stranger things have happened, especially when the H-Dial is concerned. So, sit back, dial up some delivery and enjoy this exclusive preview of Wednesday’s Dial H for Hero #4.



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Dial H for Hero #4 by Sam Humphries, Joe Quinones and Jordan Gibson is in stores Wednesday.