Wonder Woman 1984 lands in theaters June 5, 2020, which you may notice (especially if you’re counting down the days like us) is precisely one year away. That’s still a ways off, but director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot are doing what they can to make the wait a little easier…starting with sharing the film’s first poster.

Here's the poster full-sized, in case you'd like a closer look...

The 1980s weren’t exactly subtle with their style and fashionable colors, and it’s fun to see Wonder Woman 1984 leaning full-on into that. Also, we really love the way the art brings the Wonder Woman logo to mind without fully recreating it. But what most stands out to us in this debut one-sheet is Diana’s new costume. It’s not fully clear what the coloring on it will be considering the design of the poster, but we’re loving its slick, armored look.

But what do you think? And while you’re letting us know on Facebook and Twitter, don’t forget to mark June 5, 2020 on your calendar. You have plans that night.