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POW! WHAM! KRACK!: Comicstorian's Top Ten DC Fights

POW! WHAM! KRACK!: Comicstorian's Top Ten DC Fights

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

It’s going to be a huge year for DC Comics fans, which is why it’s the perfect time to check out the brand new DC Fans YouTube Channel. With new DC comics, movies and TV shows on their way, the excitement is palpable. But while it’s fun to look forward to the future, it’s just as much fun to celebrate the past, which is what our friend Comicstorian excels at.

In today’s new DC Verified Fan clip, Benny lists off his ten all-time favorite DC fights from the Golden Age onward. Batman vs. Superman! Superman vs. the Flash! Robin vs. the Joker! Batman vs…Guy Gardner?!

Yes, they’re all here along with Comicstorian’s enthusiastic explanations of why they’re important, impactful and just plain awesome. Check it out!


For more from Comicstorian, be sure to visit his YouTube channel. He has more great lists, helpful comic recaps and origin breakdowns of some of the most popular characters in comics, including one Ms. Harleen Quinzel. And while you’re on YouTube, pop on over to the DC Fans Channel and hit subscribe. It’s your one stop shop for DC comic reviews, cosplay tutorials, reaction videos, unboxings, DIY clips and more…made for DC fans by DC fans!