The Vertigo Lounge Ep. 3: Exercising and Exorcising Demons

The Vertigo Lounge Ep. 3: Exercising and Exorcising Demons

By DCE Editorial Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Prepare to expand your horizons with The Vertigo Lounge, a provocative new podcast from the team behind your favorite comics and graphic novels! ​The Vertigo Lounge returns with an all new episode.

CAUTION: This episode contains strong language.

In this episode, Vertigo editors Jamie S. Rich and Ellie Pyle are joined by Father Jim McDermott to talk about the inner and outer demons that plague us all, but some more than others.  Together they explore the rich history and legacy of PREACHER as the legendary comic wends its way towards television.  Then associate editor Molly Mahan kind-of-drunk-dials author Gail Simone to discuss cheddar pickle soup and entities in CLEAN ROOM.  Then we catch up with the demon finally revealed in THE DARK & BLOODY, as well as other Vertigo news.  Lastly, to wrap it up, RED THORN writer David Bailey chimes in from the UK with his unique take on the subject.

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