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The Roundup: A Dizzying Selection From Vertigo

The Roundup: A Dizzying Selection From Vertigo

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

San Diego Comic-Con is now behind us, and DC Comics certainly had a successful show. No matter where you looked in the convention center and beyond, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, the Flash and hundreds of other heroes and villains from the DC Universe were proudly on display. From morning to night, you could find them on comic covers, in movie and TV stills, in videogames, on toys, collectibles and clothing, and wandering around the aisles of the show floor and the streets of the Gaslamp District from morning to night.

Of course, even super heroes need some downtime, so after such a big weekend, we’re giving them a break and focusing instead on the world of Vertigo in this edition of the Roundup.

Neil Gaiman fans the world over might want to mark tomorrow prominently on their calendars since it sees the release of THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE #3, the third installment of Gaiman’s gorgeous Sandman prequel.  There’s a real threat to all reality and somehow Morpheus seems to be at the center. You can expect mind-bending fantasy and gorgeously lush illustrations by the one and only J.H. Williams III. Beyond that, it’s best to go into a new issue of The Sandman with NO expectations, because the series thrives on shattering them.

The Sandman is one of Vertigo’s oldest and most beloved series, but this week we also welcome the start of their newest! Four detectives, four time periods and four dead bodies—all set on the mean streets of London. Welcome to the world of Bodies a truly unique take on the murder mystery genre. Written by Si Spencer, each storyline features a different artist, who will be illustrating six pages of each issue. And those artists? Tula Lotay, Phil Winslade, Meghan Hetrick and Dean Ormston. Of course, this isn’t counting Fiona Stephenson, who provided the distinct issue #1 cover.

While Bodies is just beginning, this week also marks the end of one of Vertigo’s most popular and critically acclaimed comics—Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy’s Eisner-winning The Wake (double congrats to Mr. Murphy, who also took home the award for Best Penciller/Inker). Obviously, if you haven’t read The Wake, issue #10 isn’t the one to start on (though you absolutely SHOULD read the series). But for all of the rest of us, tomorrow’s THE WAKE #10 is something we’ve been waiting for ever since issue #9’s killer cliffhanger. It’ll be hard to say goodbye to this one, but man, it’s been a fun ride.

Plus, don’t miss the latest issue of this year’s anthology series, VERTIGO QUARTERLY: MAGENTA #1, plus DC readers can help themselves to extra-sixed helpings of some of their favorite heroes with a handful of new annuals, new issues of Justice League, Sinestro and Harley Quinn, and much more! Look for links to previews of all of these great comics below…

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