Arrow has always been a show that lives firmly in the grey area, and so far, Season 7 seems to be testing that moral ambiguity. How far are you willing to go to save your family? And at what point have you taken things too far? Episode 3, “Crossing Lines,” seems to address these questions full-on, as Ollie aligns himself with three men he helped land in prison—Danny “Brick” Brickwell, Bronze Tiger and Derek Sampson. We realize you don’t have a lot of options in prison, but how long can you work with murderers and thieves before you become one yourself? And then there’s Felicity. This week’s episode ended with her offering her help to Samanda Watson, the FBI agent behind Ollie’s arrest. While Agent Watson may not be a criminal, do you really want to work with the woman who put your husband away and left his son without a father? Feel free to ponder these questions as you check out the newly released photos from the episode, which also give us a good look at two of the three Longbow Hunters, Holly Elissa’s Red Dart and Michael Jonsson’s Kodiak.

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