We’ve heard plenty about Lois Lane on Supergirl since the show premiered in 2015. But we finally have a face to go with the name.

Actress Elizabeth Tulloch (Grimm) has been cast as Lois Lane for this season’s much anticipated Arrowverse crossover. While many details about this year’s crossover remain unknown (though not all of them), it was announced earlier this year that Tyler Hoechlin will return as Superman once again and that Lois would make her debut appearance in the Arrowverse with him.

This is no doubt welcome news to Superman fans, as the Man of Steel doesn’t quite feel like the Man of Steel without Lois. She made her comic book debut right alongside him in the pages of 1938’s ACTION COMICS #1, and has appeared with him in all of his live action appearances since. Further, this won’t be the first time the Lane family has appeared in the Arrowverse. Lois’s sister Lucy Lane, played by Jenna Dewan, was a regular in Supergirl’s first season, while Glen Morshower played Lois and Lucy’s infamous father, Gen. Sam Lane, for a few episodes as well.

Photo by Diana Ragland

Tulloch is no stranger to the small screen, having played the female lead on NBC’s Grimm for six seasons. She’s also appeared alongside Will Smith in Concussion, opposite Paul Giamatti and Billy Bob Thornton in Parkland, and had a role in The Artist, the 2011 silent film that won the Academy Award for Best Picture its year. However, this is the first time she’s appeared onscreen as a beloved comic book character.

Look for this year’s Arrowverse crossover to kick off on Sunday, December 9th at 8 p.m. on The CW.