A lot happened in Supergirl's season finale. Like, A LOT. It resolved hanging plot threads, set up two huge questions, and definitely lived up to its title: "Battles Lost and Won."

Time Turner

After Reign kills Alura, Sam and Mon-El in her cauldron death throes, Kara uses Mon's Legion ring to go back in time for a do-over. While I deeply appreciate the Superman reference, what I love most about it was the epiphany that came before.

Kara and J'onn both immediately went into soul searching mode and regretted how they approached the situation, which they likely would've done anyway had there not been that high of a body count. But I think the heavy casualties really drove home the fact that they've strayed from their core beliefs. In a season that heavily leaned on questioning identities, this felt like a firm rededication to who they really are (or, perhaps in J'onn's case, who he wants to be).

All the Closure

Pretty much all the major lingering questions got resolved, if not answered here. James revealing his identity as Guardian to the public, Alex becoming DEO Director, which is less dangerous and more conducive to building a family, and Mon going back to the future to deal with a new threat created by the altered timeline are three pretty big shifts.

The biggest surprise for me was Winn heading to the future and leaving Brainiac 5 behind. It was an unexpected resolution to Winn's crisis of confidence, but it works for me. This is a great way to make a big leap in his characterization that would either take a long time or be impossible to do under "normal" circumstances. I've also been enjoying Brainy awkwardly interacting with people, so I look forward to seeing where they go with that. Bonus: Even more opportunities for other Legionnaires to show up!

I'm slightly disappointed that Sam's powers weren't permanent, but it was an understandable move, if for no other reason than making sure Ruby has a stable home and keeping Alex from having to adopt her. I was also pleasantly surprised that Sam's mom in the Dark Valley was actually her mom. Their reunion and reconciliation were really well acted and well written, particularly in how suspicious I was about whether Patricia was really there to help or if it was an Admiral Ackbar situation ("It's a trap!").

Two Big, New Questions

If you're wondering why Kara seemed so relatively chill about Mon and Winn leaving, it's because Black Kryptonite is gonna Black Kryptonite. You see that when Kara went into the Dark Valley with Reign and Sam, energy left her body...and formed another Kara. Obviously, we won't know if this wandering Other Kara is straight up evil for a while, but I suspect she'll at least be far more aggro and generally negative, perhaps even leaving Kara Prime more sweet and chill than usual. If you want to read the comics that inspired some of these elements, you can check out SUPERGIRL: GIRL POWER that collects the first five issues from the 2005 series.

So, Lena made more Black Kryptonite and gave Alura the batch and recipe to take back to Argo City. Alura was grateful and also glad to get the rock off Earth since Selena has shown they have no real idea what it's fully capable of. But of course, this means Lena will be experimenting with it, because…well, she’s Lena.

But what exactly is Phase 2 and what trials are they actually conducting? It all seems very sinister, but we do know it's also capable of providing enough energy to protect and keep a city afloat through the dangers of space. Could it all be this benign? Maybe, but I somehow doubt it. There's also the possibility that she may be experimenting with giving regular people powers given her deteriorated relationship with Supergirl (oh hello, opportunity for Jenna Dewan to return as Lucy Lane). Regardless, at least we'll get to see more of Miss Teschmacher being smart!

Quick Bits

  • I'm really going to miss M'yrnn but he had a great send off. M'yrnn's parting wish for his son was for him to live among the people, promote peace and be happy. That resonated with me, and I'll miss Carl Lumbly's presence on the series.
  • Imra and Brainiac 5 made a great entrance as everyone worked to protect the city. I enjoy a good Unexpected Ally Return.
  • Seeing Alura fighting alongside Kara didn't disappoint. Erica Durance really handled everything well, not that I'm surprised since she's a superhero show vet.
  • In fact, the whole “Saving the City” sequence was very satisfying for me. Everyone got at least one moment to shine and it ended with a solid group shot. I can dig it.

  • Kara finally got her own Legion ring, meaning we're one step closer to her going to the future. I wonder if Barry Allen will get his ring on The Flash next season? Hmm…
  • My notes after Sam returns from that first Dark Valley visit: "She's awake AND SHE HAS POOOOOWERSSSSS."
  • Quote of the Episode: "We never showed you Star Wars? Not a single Star War?" - Kara to Brainy after quoting Han Solo

Thank you all for reading! It's been awhile since I've written about TV regularly, and I've loved talking about a show that gives me so much joy. I hope you've enjoyed it too!

What most surprised you about this episode? What were your favorite moments? Do you have any predictions for next season? Please share your thoughts, theories, and predictions with us as we wait for Season 4!

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