Summer is the season of change, and for Selina Kyle, that change is taking many forms. First, there are her upcoming nuptials to Bruce Wayne in what’s sure to be the biggest wedding of the year. (Sorry, Harry and Meghan!) There’s also her new solo series, written and drawn by Joëlle Jones, debuting this July. And it appears she’ll soon be adopting a fresh look as well, with a sporty new costume designed by Jones and seen for the first time on the cover of CATWOMAN #2.

Yes, we know. That cover, cool as it is, is also pretty dark and very obscured. You really can’t see the costume all that well in it (turns out there IS such a thing as too much Catwoman). Thankfully, Jones has also given us two additional drawings of Selina in her new costume that we can exclusively share with you. After all, we know what rampant curiosity can do to cats…

Selina’s sticking with the black, but gone are the goggles in favor of a cowl, along with some much sleeker, more stylish gloves and boots. The new costume also seems to have some reinforcement in the middle and some openings under her shoulders, which add a bit of flair while also giving her arms slightly more mobility—something that would be particularly important in Selina’s…ahem, line of work.

Catwoman has had quite a few looks since she debuted in 1940 in the pages of BATMAN #1. While Jones’ redesign is a subtle one, that hasn’t always been the case in the past. In celebration of her newest look, we thought we’d revisit some of Selina Kyle’s many costumes over the years. Enjoy this gallery of Gotham City glamor, from Catwoman’s comic book debut (in a costume that is probably pretty far from what you might expect) to one of the most buzzworthy wedding dresses in years.

Catwoman’s new series debuts on July 4th, 2018. Solicit information for August’s second issue can be found below…


Art and cover by JOELLE JONES

Gotham’s a toxic litter box for Selina Kyle of late, so she hits the road looking to clear the air, change her look and clear her name, too—there’s a copycat burglar swiping her M.O. who needs sorting out. In her hometown, Catwoman runs afoul of a crime boss who’s also hunting this impostor. Can the two declare a truce to hunt a mutual enemy, or will Selina end up just more roadkill?

On sale AUGUST 1 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+