The wait is finally over. With the dust settling over the DC Universe in the wake of DARK NIGHTS: METAL and it's more-than-epic conclusion, it's time to see what happens next…and the first step in that process just so happens to be called JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE.

Take this as your official warning. If you haven't finished out Metal, go back and start there or you're risking some major spoilers from here on out. The main story is only six issues and it's not something you want to miss out on.

Still with me? Great, let's rock.

The first thing you're probably wondering as you come into this book is "So, uh, what happens to the Source Wall now?" or maybe even, "What exactly is the Source Wall?"

In the simplest possible terms, the Source Wall is the "Where the Sidewalk Ends"-style edge of the DC Universe—or, at least, it used to be. The Source represented all sorts of hugely cosmic ideas: The beginning and end of existence, death to immortal ideas; the spark of life for timeless, infinite ideas; all that stuff that provides some sort of structure to the boundless infinity of space and time. By rights, it should never be tampered with without genuinely risking the total destruction of our perceived reality and the rules that govern the entire Multiverse.

So, of course, that's...pretty much what the Justice League did, and as a result, that’s exactly what's happening. There's a huge hole in the Source Wall now, care of our friends in the Dark Multiverse, and the cosmos is hemorrhaging. You don't need me to tell you that's bad news. And in case you thought things were already bad, Brainiac is here to make them even worse.

...Or, to help, I guess. But this is Brainiac we're talking about, so you know he's not going to drop in on Earth with an olive branch and singing "Kumbayah."

And, not to be out done, we're going to throw some Amanda Waller into the mix to make things even more complicated because who else is better to throw a wrench in everyone's plans than The Wall herself?

The end result, as I'm sure you've gathered, is a whole lot of chaos and not a lot of answers. There are massive threats from beyond the Source Wall coming and fast, and the fate of the entire Multiverse is resting in the hands of a Justice League that has, essentially, just been put in a blender.

What could possibly go wrong?

Part of Brainiac's plan involves dividing up his chosen “heroes”—and we have to use that term lightly, as about a third of the chosen are actually villains—into new teams, which means that we're seeing heroes who have rarely (or never) worked together be forced into close quarters. The four teams have names, but they've also got some pretty obvious themes. There's Team Mystery, which is composed entirely of aliens; Team Entropy, which draws from the rougher side of DC's heroes and antiheroes (and also Beast Boy, who I'm still trying to figure out); Team Wonder, made up of magic users and other supernatural fighters; and Team Wisdom, which is largely a team of scientists. Of course, just because the teams share some common ground in that regard, doesn't mean they're actually going to make good partners—especially when the fate of the universe is at stake.

I feel like Team Wonder has probably got the advantage on that front. Not only do they have Wonder Woman leading them, they all seem like a relatively level-headed bunch. The same can't really be said about anyone else—not even Mystery with Superman at the helm. Both Sinestro and Starro seem like major wildcards in that group. Heck, Starro can’t even last for more than five pages before taking control of one of his team members in this first issue. Entropy and Wisdom seem like they're going to just be train wrecks from the get go. Entropy because of, well, the entire roster, and Wisdom because of Harley Quinn.

...Nothing against Harley, of course, but playing well with others isn't exactly her forte.

One of the most pleasant surprises of No Justice so far is that the four cosmic teams aren't the only new groups in the mix. We've also got Amanda Waller back on Earth unleashing something she's calling Task Force XI. If you remember all the way back to JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD, the first ever crossover event of the Rebirth era, that name might sound a little familiar to you.

It's probably not a terrible idea to go back and take a look at JL vs. SS as No Justice continues on. Just a thought!

But you'd better snap to it. JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #2 hits shelves on May 16th, so you've only got a week to start drawing up your theories and doing your back issue deep dives.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #1 by Scott Snyder, Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV and Francis Manapul is now available in print and as a digital download.

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